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The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge


Well, that’s just Prime.
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Wait, Atlantis qualifies?
I think it’s another one of those “critics wanted X from the people involved, got Y” situations. It seems to really hurt movies, especially from that era, when they step out of their expected lane.

Tom B

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Jupiter Ascending
Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within

Yep, I'm good. Enjoyed both of those, especially Jupiter Ascending.

Bruce Redux

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Nuts to all you jerks, Van Helsing is all kinds of entertaining.
So much so.

Let's see...The Mummy Returns, from 2001...47% critics, ah, but 63% viewers. Good going, viewers.

Gothika, 2003, 14% with critics, 45% with viewers. Sure, it's not epic - it's no Mike Flanagan movie - but it is quite solid and well done, with a lot of good performances.


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I loved The Hitman's Bodyguard and am kinda befuddled with what the critics were expecting from it - it's a Ryan Reynolds-Samuel Jackson buddy action movie and you get exactly what you'd expect to get from that


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Okay, here's one... Hoodwinked (2005), scores at 47% and is, oddly, the best performance of Andy Dick's career. A low bar, but.
I really enjoyed that one too, as a well-executed Rashomon exercise.

As far as animated movies go, I also enjoyed The Nut Job ; because I just love heist movies in general.

And wait, one of the rare anime movies on that list is Redline ? That thing is awesomesauce !

Also count me among those that found Suicide Squad fun. It had a perfect Captain Boomerang, and nailed the Wall.

(There are a few more that I vaguely recall enjoying, but not to the point of cheerleading them : Pacific Rim Uprising, Venom...)

Doing this with MyAnimeList doesn't quite work, because barely any of the database is ranked below a 5.0/10 score (about the last 500 out of 11000), and it's mostly random arthouse short movies, music videos, and a few token old and very bad OVAs. That said, Peace Eco Smile really doesn't belong there ; it's a nice and sweet set of adverts.
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