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Things found at a Transhuman Goblin Market


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This is for the next campaign I am running. I really hope I get some ideas here, but I don't really know how to make posts that don't just drop to the bottom.

Here are the givens:

The Oort Cloud is the outer boundary of the playable area, no FTL travel.

Basic Nanotech and Mind-Computer Uploads are cutting edge technology.

There is no agreed upon currency.

Earth is no longer habitable (anything entering the atmosphere is destroyed).

Mars is inhabited (domed cities, some children who can survive on early terraformed surface being born).

ANYTHING can be sold at the market.

Some examples:

  1. A silvery liquid that, when drunk, purges the body of all nanotech.
  2. First Gen mind uploads of significant scientific, cultural, and political minds from before earth became uninhabitable.
  3. Tanks full of He3 (the fuel for the setting)
  4. Nuclear Weapons
  5. Slaves
  6. Viruses, biological and technological
  7. Genetically modified Octopuses, Monkeys, and etcetera, early stages of mental uplift.
  8. Fine Art, from before earth fell
  9. Luxury pre-fall goods (cigars, wines, cheeses, ginseng)
  10. Genetic databases of now extinct flora and fauna
  11. Locations of hidden caches throughout the system
  12. Sattelite back doors.

The thing is, this list is a good start, but lacks real inventiveness and inspiration, so I am looking to steal yours.


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I'm assuming Goblin Market, metaphorically, rather than literally?

13. Von Neumann Spiders - Self-replicating assassin droids that have a bad problem with bursting into flames.
14. Neverland 2.0 - Hyper-addictive virtual reality chip that physically regresses the user in age (slowly) while providing J.M.Barrie derived hallucinations.
15. Your dead spouse/former lover's memory upload


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16. The remains of a celebrity who was cremated and had their ashes shot into space in the early 21st century.
17. Solar corona plasma, scooped by a probe robot and preserved in a magnetic bottle.
18. Pressure diamonds from the asteroid belt.


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19. The Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, the original. Yes, from Earth. What do you mean 'how did I get it to orbit'? Look, kid, this is a *landmark*-- a piece of history, a little bit of the old world right here in the sky. Deals like this don't come along every day. If you're not interested, I got plenty of people who are...

20. Unlicensed clone/mental duplicate of the player characters.


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19. That guy selling the cheap crap also has a collection of masterpieces, each a 95%+ molecular match to the real thing! Buy two Mona Lisas, get the third on half off!
20. A collection of authentic strange radio bursts--signs of aliens?
21. a scrub and swap--replaces every major id on you with another. fingerprints, retina, and junk DNA get altered. May cause cancer.
22. De-Militarized Persona: A secondary fake personality that protects you from memetics.


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23. Uploaded minds from dubious sources.
24. Cheap knockoffs of mind uploading technology.
25. Recreational drugs that create every emotional state are available.


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23. a scrub and swap--replaces every major id on you with another. Cell structure and junk DNA get altered. Marketed as a treatment for cancer.

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26. Slightly used bodies. The vendor swears it's all perfectly legit - that the original owners were uploaded into virtual prisons for various crimes, and their now-vacant bodies were auctioned off to cover the cost of their incarceration. Rumours of the new owner's mind-state sometimes being partially overwritten by residual personality traces are, of course, purest nonsense.


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27. An artificial consciousness with no sensory apparatus, contained within a small, handheld computer. Have fascinating conversations with a mind that has no understanding but those which it derives from logic and those you tell it! (Note: it may or may not hate you. And everyone.)
28. Replica personality of Napoleon Bonaparte, shortly after losing Waterloo. Mood: angry, dismayed, only speaks French.


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31. Enlightenment. More specificially, a memory injection that replicates the precise mental and emotional state of having achieved enlightenment.
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