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Thirteenth Age Monster Creation


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Nice variety of half-ogres. Aren't there any who specialize in an old fashioned wrassling chokeslam? Instead of the Big Shove?


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Nice variety of half-ogres. Aren't there any who specialize in an old fashioned wrassling chokeslam? Instead of the Big Shove?
Half-Ogre King of the Ring
Ages ago, your ancestors were noble. Now you rule the wrestling ring. It's a living.
3rd level spoiler [humanoid]
Initiative: +8

Big Meaty Fists +8 vs. AC—10 damage and stuck (save ends)
Crusher: If your foe is stuck, you can make a Crush attack.
Crush +8 vs PD --10 damage and hampered (save ends)​
Pinner: If your foe is hampered, you can make a Pinning attack.
Pinning +8 vs PD -- 6 damage and the target can't do anything but attempt a DC 20 strength test to break free. In the ring, if you pin them for three rounds, that wins the match.
Pusher: Once a battle, as a quick action, the Half-Ogre King of the Ring can make a Big Shove attack.
Big Shove +8 vs PD -- 6 damage and the target pops free from the HOM. In ring fighting, this shoves the person out of the ring.​

AC 19
PD 17 HP 45
MD 13

From the Giants in the Earth section of this issue:

Iucounu, the Laughing Magician

An ugly, badly dressed baldning man dressed in black who looks perpetually on the verge of laughter. He is a powerful, cunning wizard from the Land of Ascolais, across the Iron Sea. In that land, there are essentially two kinds of magiclans. Those who seek wealth and comfort and usually one or more arcane lore hobbies (like collecting all 100 of the 100 Spells or mastering the lore of Ioun Stones or building magical self-playing orchestras) and those who use their magic mainly to screw with people for their own amusement. Where the people of the Empire keep getting up after each age-ending apocalypse, in this age, the people of Ascolais have given up on any real ambition, even those with vast arcane power basically piddle away their might in hobbies and arguing over who stole the stapler when they were apprentices, or they use it to screw with people to feel big, but typically in a... way not guaranteed to be lethal. For the folk of Ascolais believe that killing people is basically lazy and gauche, and that killing other humanoids will come back to haunt you. (Killing the half-man, half-demon monstrosities which roam the countryside is another matter. Dangerous but commendable.)

Most in Ascolais know little of the Empire, but Iucounu has always had an interest in travel magics. He often uses those magics to mess with people, especially if they mess with him first, such as trying to loot his house, or disagreeing with him on the proper way to control pelgranes, or looking at him funny.

He seeks things which will let him live in wealth and comfort. This could bring him to the empire, or he could want something and the PCs encounter agents of his and get pulled back to Ascolais with them. There could be an old travel portal which brings him to the Empire or the PCs to Ascolais.

Iucounu practices the strange magics of his native lands; he has a wide array of spells; you should choose four of them before any battle, which he has memorized; he can use each one once; he will resort to his wand once they run out. The options are listed below him.

Iucounu, the Laughing Magician
A wizard of substantial skill but not a man of the top tier in his homeland; he puts preservation first, wealth and comfort second, and messing with people for his own amusement third.
Triple-Strength Seventh Level Caster [humanoid]
Initiative: +12

Wand Strike +12 vs. AC—28 lightning damage and dazed (save ends)
C: Wand of Gilgad's Instantaneous Galvanic Thrust +12 vs PD (vs. 1d3 targets up to faraway) -- 42 lightning damage and 10 ongoing lightning damage (save ends)
18+: Target is weakened (save ends)​
Vancian Mage: Choose 4 spells from the Spellbook of the Laughing Magician; he can use each once per battle, then requires a rest to regain their use.
Mask of the Friendly Phantasm: This is a quick action. This spell provides you with an effective magical disguise that lasts about an hour. The spell only affects your general appearance, not your size. It can be used to hide your features behind the generic features of another person or race. It also provides a correct smell and taste and mannerisms. DC 25 for a PC to penetrate it. Iucounu knows a ritual form which lasts for a day.

AC 19
PD 14 HP 324
MD 16

The Spellbook of the Laughing Magician:
Iucounu has 15 of the 100 spells, making him a worthy magician at home but nowhere near the top tier. The greatest magicians of his homeland have at least 40 of them. Rhialto is said to have as many as 70!
  • The Charm of Forlorn Encystment: The target sinks partway, or all the way into the ground. Due to being pounded down by an invisible hammer of force and the ground rising up to swallow him.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. 1 staggered target) -- 84 force damage and stuck (save ends)
      • If the target is reduced to 0 or less HP by the spell: The target is imprisoned underground until rescued by digging or magic. However, they will not bleed to death while imprisoned.
  • The Charm of Unliving Nourishment: This spell preserves Iucounu from the need to eat, drink, or breathe. It requires only a quick action to cast. It conveys Resist Poison 16+ due to it suspending his need for nourishment. It can be cast in ritual form to let him go without food, air, or water for up to a day.
  • The Excellent Prismatic Spray: This spell unleashes an array of brightly colored rays which rush over his foes and slaughter them in a cone.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. everyone engaged with him) -- 42 damage of a random type and blinded (save ends). Roll for random type for each target: 1 - Cold, 2 - Fire, 3 - Lightning, 4 - Force, 5 - Radiant, 6 - Thunder.
  • Felojun’s Second Hypnotic Spell: The target of the spell stares at endless swirly colors instead of doing anything useful. This spell can be used with ritual magic to create elaborate illusionary shows which tell a story or just look cool. When he expects guests he likes, Iucounu prepares this spell to let him entertain them.
    • +12 vs MD -- 42 psychic damage and stunned (save ends)
  • Houlart’s Blue Extractive:: This spell creates a giant blue hand which seizes the target, drags him to the caster, and holds him in place. It can find hidden people. This can be used as ritual magic to draw objects to you if they are within faraway.
    • This spell can target anyone who fails a DC 30 Stealth check to evade it. If evaded in this way, the spell hangs around and he can try it again the next round and again and again until he either finds a target or passes out.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. a target up to faraway) -- 84 force damage and the target is pulled just short of being engaged with Iucounu and stuck (save ends)
      • Miss: The spell refreshes, letting him try it again the next round, instead of being lost.
  • Houlart’s Visceral Pang: The misbegotten target of this spell finds himself overwhelmed by agony in his intestines, as if he had eaten a mixture of gravel and glass.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. a target up to faraway) -- 84 poison damage and weakened (save ends)
  • Lugwiler’s Dismal Itch: The targets find themselves itching all over their bodies, unable to focus on anything else.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. 1d3 targets up to faraway) -- 42 poison damage and hampered (save ends)
  • Phandaal’s Critique of the Chill: This is a spell which wraps the caster in warm air. It can be done as a ritual to give you one day of protection against cold weather, or cast as a quick action, for combat protection.
    • For the rest of the battle, Iucounu gains Resist 16+ against Cold damage.
  • Phandaal’s Gyrator: While the caster concentrates, the victim of this spell is trapped in a whirlwind.
  • C: +12 vs PD (vs. 1d3 targets up to faraway) -- 42 cold damage and stuck (save ends)
    • While at least one target is stuck: Iucounu can attack anyone who remains stuck each round until everyone makes their save; he cannot use any quick or move actions while doing this and once everyone saves, the spell ends.
  • Phandaal’s Mantle of Stealth: This renders the caster invisible, inaudible, and odorless, nearly impossible to detect. This spell defeats the flour trick as well.
    • Iucounu becomes invisible. The DC to locate him is 30. He stays invisible for as long as he wants, but if he attacks anyone, the spell ends.
  • Rhialto’s Green Turmoil: The target is overwhelmed by nausea and vomiting. Iucounu often uses this as a chance to use some spell or rite which will haul the target far, faraway.
    • +12 vs PD -- The target is overwhelmed by nausea and vomiting; they must make a DC 25 Constitution check to do anything or else they are helpless for the round. If they make the check, they can act normally. Throwing the spell off requires a hard save (16+). Once they do so, the spell ends.
  • Spell of the Macroid Toe: The target's right big toe swells to the size of an elephant, effectively trapping them in place and hampering movement.
    • C: +12 vs PD (vs. a target up to faraway) -- 63 damage and hampered and stuck (save ends both)
  • Spell of the Omnipotent Sphere: This summons a giant hamster ball which Iucounu uses to roll away in at high speed (faster than a human can run). It blocks any attacks on him, which target it instead.
    • The Sphere has the same defenses as Iconnu but only 108 HP. It lasts as long as he keeps concentrating on it; he can't attack or use other magics while operating it. He can use a standard action to knock someone out of the way with it, +12 vs PD -- success means he pushes them out of the way and they take 42 damage.
  • Spell of the Slow Hour: This spell causes the target to move slowly and sluggishly.
    • C: +12 vs MD (vs. a target up to faraway) -- 63 damage and weakened and moves at half normal speed (save ends both)
  • Thasdrubel’s Laganetic Transfer or the Agency of Far Despatch: This summons a Greater Pelgrane, who attempts to seize the target and carry him far, far away. If Iucounu is in Ascolais, he sends you to the Empire; if he is in the Empire, he sends you to Ascolais but not near his manse.
    • As a quick action, he summons a Greater Pelgrane, who then keeps trying to carry off the target; treat it as a creature with its own actions. It keeps trying until it dies or it follows the order given it successfully. Once it seizes the target, it keeps them grappled but doesn't try to kill them, just to take them to the destination, even if this means a looong flight.

Greater Pelgrane
A giant bird-like creature, but smart as a human; it has huge bat-like wings and it hungers for man-flesh; Wizards of Ascolais have worked out various control magics, though those who use them often end their lives by being eaten by a Greater Pelgrane they failed to control. Greater Pelgranes are intelligent, but malicious. They do, however, keep the word of their promise; some people negotiate with them for long-distance transport, though this basically requires you to give them an intelligent humanoid to eat, or something very valuable (like a magical item.) Caution is advised.
Large Seventh Level Spoiler [humanoid and demon]
Initiative: +15

Beak Bite +12 vs. AC—56 damage and 10 ongoing damage (save ends)
Seize and Carry: The Greater Pelgrane dives, seizes someone, and carries them up into the air. +12 vs PD (vs 1 nearby target) -- 28 damage and the target is hampered and stuck (save ends both)​
When the target saves: They must make a DC 20 Dexterity check to cling to the Greater Pelgrane or they fall from whatever height they are.​
Escape Contact: +5 to disengage checks.
Flight: They fly nimbly and fairly quickly.
Far Flight: When not in combat, they can use magic to warp space, enabling them to travel up to 1000 miles a day.
Demonic Feature: Roll for one Demonic Feature.

AC 23
PD 21 HP 216
MD 17

Lesser Pelgrane

A man-sized bird-like creature, but smart as a human; it has huge bat-like wings and it hungers for man-flesh; it can carry creatures of small size for long distances; it can only haul a human a short distance. It is intelligent and cunning; its oath does bind it but it will seek a way to wiggle around the literal wording to twist any promise.
4th Level Spoiler [humanoid and demon]
Initiative: +12

Beak Bite +9 vs. AC—15 damage and 5 ongoing damage (save ends)
Seize and Carry: The Lesser Pelgrane dives, seizes someone, and carries them up into the air, then drops them. +12 vs PD (vs 1 nearby target) -- 5 damage 3d6 falling damage (which can be cut in half with a DC 15 Dex check) and the target is dazed (save ends)
Escape Contact:
+5 to disengage checks.
Flight: They fly nimbly and faster than a human can run but slower than a horse or panicked deer.
Far Flight: When not in combat, they can use magic to warp space, enabling them to travel up to 100 miles a day.
Demonic Feature: Roll for one Demonic Feature.

AC 23
PD 21 HP54
MD 17


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...and now I need stats for Chun the Unavoidable. :p
Chun the Unavoidable
It's not entirely clear what kind of human-demon hybrid Chun the Unavoidable is, and it really doesn't matter. He's human enough to wear clothing and do things like go into bars, have a drink, then challenge people to a game of darts. And he's monstrous enough to have a quota of how many people he is going to eat this year and an inner code on how decides it which bears little resemblance to human morality. You might not even realize you passed him on the streets of the slum in which he dwells in a ruined temple in the city of Kaiin, beautiful port city of Ascolais. Sometimes he wears a robe made of human eyes, which he seems to find beautiful. It is clear that anyone who tries to rob the many treasures of his temple will go on the list to be eaten. Once he sets out to find someone and eat them, he is relentless. If Chun serves any higher purpose than accumulating wealth, scaring people, and eating eyeballs, it remains to be seen.
Triple-Strength Seventh Level Wrecker [humanoid and demon]
Initiative: +12

Strong Hands +12 vs. AC—84 damage and stuck (save ends)
Chew: If a foe is stuck, he can use his Bite attack: Bite +12 vs. PD -- 108 damage.
Show When Least Expected: He is hugely stealthy when he chooses to be; DC 25 to spot him.
Unavoidable: Anyone trying to disengage from him suffers a -5 penalty.
Relentless: Once he is on your trail, he will never give up. Efforts to elude him face a DC of 25, but that only buys a temporary respite. He can eventually show up even on other plans, in the Overworld, in your Grandmother's tomb, etc.
Demonic Feature: Roll for one Demonic Feature.

AC 23
PD 21 HP 324
MD 17

Chun does not fight parties if he can help it, preferring to find ways to pick people off one by one. Or striking when they're fighting someone else.


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Thanks! Much appreciated. :)
And the joke I was too tired to do last night:

Chun-Li the Unavoidable
Martial Arts traditions come and go in the Empire. Chun-Li comes from a family which has turned its martial arts into entertainment; they run a circus. But she wanted more than that and left the circus to put her skills to use exposing the truth, investigating crimes and writing pamphlets to reveal the truth. This has, ironically, forced her to hone her martial arts skills to survive doing this. Once she gets on your trail, throwing her off it is hard as she never gives up.
Triple-Strength Seventh Level Leader [humanoid]
Initiative: +15
Immunity: Fear

Kick You In The Face +12 vs. AC—84 damage and vulnerable (save ends)
Spinning Kick: As a standard action, she pops free, rolls along in a spiralling kick, attacks several foes and ends up engaged with her last target.
Murder Pinwheel: +12 vs. AC (vs. 3 targets) -- 28 damage and an ally of her choice can move to engage the target as a free action.​
Hyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick): +12 vs PD (vs. a vulnerable target) -- 84 lightning damage and weakened (save ends)
Spinning Bird Kick +12 vs. AC (vs. 1d3 engaged targets) --42 damage, the target pops free and is knocked to faraway and is dazed (save ends)
Relentless Journalist: Once a round, as a quick action, she can ask you a question; you must make a DC 20 Wisdom check to avoid blurting out the answer.

AC 22
PD 21 HP 324
MD 18

Evil Midnight Lurker

What Lurks at Midnight
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I have no idea who Chiun is, I confess.
The Master of Sinanju, the only true martial art on Earth (all others are pathetically failed imitations or copies), from the ridiculously long running adventure novel series "The Destroyer" (and its half-baked movie adaptation, "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins"). Master assassin in the employ of a tiny US secret agency.
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