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I've always been interested in in-game religion. I thought the "deity books" for FR in 2nd edition did it very well, but seeing a monotheist's take on a polytheistic environment is going to be interesting.


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I've never read those (I'm a relatively recent gamer). I hope to address the whole monotheism/polytheism thing in a future column. I think D and D is a polythestic world with the ethics and practices of a monotheistic world, which does not make it easy to present a internally coherent religious life. I have some ideas about reconciling those influences, but as I said, future column. In general, I hope that most of the stuff I talk about will be useful for GM's or players in any setting that features religious life.


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It is; I just read your second column and I'm seeing where you're going with the distinction between priests and ministers (I think). However, I have to agree with you about, in many cases, D&D being a polytheistic world with the religious morals of a monotheistic one... in many cases, you get every dwarf worshiping his individual god, and never looking at gods of his own people, rather than respecting the wide variety of gods his people hold, each in their own purposes.
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