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Thor Trailer


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In Marvel's depictions, Thor's hammer is at least five times the volume of the biggest sledge I've ever seen. And that's cool, because he's goddamn Thor and can bench press a freight train. You and I would have trouble even lifting it off the ground.

In fact we could never lift it off the ground, because we're not worthy of the power of Thor. ;)

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She single-handedly defeated Thanos like it was no big deal. I'd be afraid of her, too.
No clone, robot, or anything. The Watcher said so!

Now answer me this: Why are we getting a movie about that wimp Thor instead of Squirrel Girl again?


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Now answer me this: Why are we getting a movie about that wimp Thor instead of Squirrel Girl again?
Oh, we are. I hear Michael Bay is making one. He's directing and writing it. :D

(Sigh) That joke has probably earned me a lot of coal in my stockings.


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Actually looking again at that list of appearances writing an article about comic book Tyr is entirely feasible, but a comparison with the actual myths would make it much more interesting and educational...
To make things even more complicated, Tiwaz also exists in Universe 616 as a seperate being from Tyr. He was the ruler of Asgard before Odin and is Thor's real grandfather.

Unless he isn't anymore.

616 continuity gets a little wonky sometimes


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You came a thread discussing adaptations of ancient mythology in movies and comic books to point out that people obsessing about fictional things should get a life.
No, I commented that one guy (and at this point I don't even remember which poster it was) was getting unnecessarily riled up because Marvel got some details "wrong" in their superhero movie. I never said anyone should get a life. I never said anything about mythology. I said sometimes we geeks get too worked up over our geeky things. If you interpret that as me saying someone needs to get a life...well you're free to do so, and I guess I can't really stop you, but I would appreciate it if you not put words into my mouth, or claim that I said something I never said.

You may not have had any enmity, but you seemed unnecessarily aggressive and determined to come at me for something (you think) I said.
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