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To anyone still playing in the rpg.net WoT clan


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Hi guys,

I poked my head into the commander's "stub" account and then checked through the roster and see that some people are still playing.

I also noticed that there are still 5 people playing according to the records (in the past month) and somehow the clan treasury has 3500 gold in it. I was thinking either (a) I could distribute this, so 700g per player,or use it to rename the clan to something else (2500g) and distribute the rest. It looks like changing the clan icon would not cost anything.

For instance it could be a WW2 Allied themed tank unit (American? British? NZ?), or something actually to do with rpg.net. "RPG" seems to be taken but I don't think "RPGN" is.


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I don't have an opinion either way - I play from time to time when I have the urge to roll out a tank and blow some shit up, but that's about it.


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Been away a while, so egad! Thanks!

Time to put down the RS2:Vietnam and get back into the tankies anyway.


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Dang, there's an rpg.net clan? I was just about to drop another post in the WoT thread I rezzed to ask about platooning oppurtunities.

Lordy will I be glad once I've ground past the M3 Lee. My kingdom for a turret.
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