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OOC To Sail the Sleeping Stars


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This is the OOC thread for To Sail the Sleeping Stars, a game set in the galaxy of Warhammer 40k using the FATE Core system. Specifically, the particular flavor for this tale is Rogue Trader. We have six players:

D Donan
kitty voodoo kitty voodoo
Nate_MI Nate_MI
Sabermane Sabermane
Starcrash Starcrash
wormmonda wormmonda

Naturally, this thread is for all out-of-character questions, rules discussions, chat, character sheets and modifications, or absences. Feel free to post whatever, just try not to be offensive and such.

The IC thread is here.

Lastly, a few rules to be set in place before we begin -
Rule 0: Don't be a jerk.
Rule 1: Let's all have fun and play together!
Rule 2: The GM is always right. Exceptions exist however.
Rule 3: The rules always come second to the story.
Rule 4: In the name of the almighty God-Emperor of Mankind, the previous rules may never be changed.
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Agnes Transciever

Refresh: 3
High Concept: Girl Genius Transmechanic
Trouble: Failure Is the Mother of Invention
Phase 1: Too Bright For This Grimdark World
Phase 2: Surrounded By Intriguing Specimens
Phase 3: Questing For Lost and Exotic Tech

+4: Crafts
+3: Investigate, Lore
+2: Drive, Notice, Shoot
+1: Contacts, Physique, Resource, Will


Archaeotechobabble: Can use Crafts instead of Deceive when trying to confuse someone with technical details.

Utility Mechadendrite: You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Crafts, even in extreme situations (like being imprisoned and separated from all your stuff). This source of opposition is just off the table.

Calculus Logi Upgrade: Once per scene you can spend a fate point (and a few minutes of observation) to make a special Investigate roll representing your potent deductive faculties. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free.


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Bringing up Erriath, his sheet, and his background!

Spoiler: Show

Refresh: 2
High Concept: The Shadow Kroot
Trouble: Hunter of the Drukkari
Phase 1: Last of his Kindred
Phase 2: Unlikely Comrades
Phase 3: An unusual bodyguard

+4: Stealth
+3: Shoot, Fight
+2: Athletics, Provoke, Will
+1: Empathy, Physique, Notice, Burglary

Twister of Shadows: Can use will to create and manipulate shadows and darkness. Cannot be used in a brightly lit area.
Eater of the Dead: After devouring a worthy enemy, can spend a Fate Point to gain their Aspects for the scene.
Beastmaster: Can use empathy and provoke to train beasts. Can also spend a Fate Point to automatically train beasts of Kroot lineage.

Mono knife
Kroot leathers
Pulse rifle (Weapon: 3, Accurate and Long Range)

Erriath was the youngest son of Shaper Karath, one of five siblings who were seen as heirs to the responsibilities of their parentage. But as the youngest, he was often overshadowed and forgotten, a figure on the edge of perception. Any readings carried out on his own future proved elusive and sparse, causing some to whisper his blood was cursed, though none dared say this in his father's hearing.

His Warsphere traveled the Expanse, taking contracts, successes and victory where it could and earning a small reputation. Sadly, that proved to be their undoing when the Dark Eldar took an interest in them as fodder for their arena games. The battle was fierce, but stealth and ruthlessness won out and the survivors, what few of them there were, found themselves captured by jeering Eldar warriors and herded into arena pens to await the next fight.

Of the few hundred that left, Erriath's family wasn't among them and he seemed the most likely to become their next Shaper, but he lacked the experience and was shattered in will by the deaths of so many of his kindred. Without the aid of a Shaper, more and more of the Kroot lost themselves to genetic alternations in their bid to survive, fighting a multitude of creatures from across the Expanse. Erriath lost hope more and more, and in the end gave into despair, devouring a shadowy creature of unknown origin after a brutal match and taking its gifts into himself.

By then, only two hundred of once several thousand Kroot remained.

He planned to try and aid the others in escape, but found himself the subject of a cruel game, the Eldar taskmasters savouring his pain as they cast him out with the knowledge he had failed those who counted on him. Bereft and alone on the edges of known space, the lone Kroot smuggled himself from ship to ship, a soul adrift.


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Spoiler: Show

Ezekiel, The Astropath

"A long time ago, when I was as young as you, I served as a tutor to a rich household on - well, it's not there anymore, so I suppose it doesn't matter. One day, I found myself stricken with the most ferocious migraine, like thunder rolling in my mind. After a mild beating to ensure it was not merely an affliction of mood keeping me from my work, my lord had the house medicae examine me. With a dose of morphia, the pain eased, but the thunder began to resolve itself into unfamiliar words. Not knowing what they meant and unable to stop myself I spoke them aloud and the medicae - a veteran of the Guard - gasped in shock. I was naming battle-craft of a local Eldar pirate, known to raid the subsector but not seen in years. My lord had me flogged into unconsciousness and well he did - for if I had been forced to listen to that war-drum much longer, I should surely have been driven mad!

By the time I awoke, I was already on a Black Ship, on my way to Holy Terra. It was much later when I learned the pirate had swept in and pillaged the colony, taking few prisoners and burning the remains to the bedrock. In spite of this, in spite of common wisdom and doctrine, I cannot find hate in my heart for them. Had I not been sensitive to their psychic signals I may never have known my true calling, or worse, may have come into it unprepared and as a danger to others. The Emperor preserved me, though my path was one of hardship, and I must labor all my days to come to repay His gift."

High Concept: Pious Astropath Ascendant
Trouble: All Are Welcome In The Emperor's Light
Personal Aspect: Hear All, Trust Little
Connected Aspect: Loyal Servant Of The Karinzsky Dynasty
Connected Aspect: A Curious Eldar Connection

Spoiler: Show

+4 Empathy
+3 Provoke, Will
+2 Contacts, Lore, Rapport
+1 Athletics, Investigate, Notice, Stealth

Stunt: Astropathic Communication - able to transmit and receive astropathic messages over interstellar distances. Uses Will to project, Empathy to receive, and Lore to encode/ decode.

Stunt: Minor Telekinesis - able to manipulate items in your zone without touching them. Use Will in place of Physique if needed.

Stunt: Mindlash - the use of the mind as a weapon. Attacks with Provoke against Will to cause Mental Stress. Requires line of sight, incapacitating or fatal as desired. Only affects targets that have a mind or entities of the Warp.

kitty voodoo

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Sister-Superior Brigia Theodorus
Spoiler: Show
Refresh: 2

High Concept: Former Seraphim Squad Commander, Order of the Sacred Pyre
Trouble: Penitent-in-Exile
Aspect 3: By Faith and Fire
Aspect 4: Compassion is the Balm of the Weak and the Unbeliever
Aspect 5: Set Upon a Sacred Quest

Great (+4) Shoot
Good (+3) Athletics, Fight
Fair (+2) Lore, Notice, Will
Average (+1) Crafts, Empathy, Investigate, Physique

Fight: Genevieve’s Blessing
Lore: Deny the Witch
Shoot: One-Woman Arsenal, Unleash Hell

Stunt Explanations:
Genevieve’s Blessing: Saint Genevieve, the holy patron of the Sacred Pyre grew up on a forest world where her family labored felling lumber. Ecclesiarcal writings record that as a child the Saint single-handedly decimated an entire ork warband with naught but her faith and a pair of her father’s hand-axes. Combat training in dual hand-axes has been an act of prayerful devotion to the Sisters of the Sacred Pyre since the time of their founding. Any time you succeed on an attack using dual axes, the stress inflicted is increased by one.

Deny the Witch: As a member of the Adepta Sororitas your faith in the God-Emperor and purity of spirit are without question. They are your shield against the corruption and manipulations of the Warp. +2 to Will to Defend against Psyker attacks, corruption and Warp mutation.

One-Woman Arsenal: Although you are in a state of exile from your Order, your former Sisters did not send you out upon your holy quest unarmed. You are possessed of a great number of blessed weaponry and you have knack for acquiring new (although more mundane) weapons as needed. Use Shoot instead of Resources when dealing with weaponry.

Unleash Hell: As a Seraphim, you have been extensively trained in the use of dual inferno pistols in order to rain down fiery retribution upon the unbeliever. Any time you use dual inferno pistols and you succeed at a Shoot attack, you automatically create a Fair (+2) opposition against movement in that zone until your next turn as the entire zone is transformed into a raging inferno. You can spend a FP to increase the movement opposition by one point per FP spent up to a maximum of +4

War Gear:
Seraphim Pattern Jump Pack
Adepta Sororitas Pattern Power Armour {Armour Rating 2}
Godwyn-Deaz Pattern Bolter {Weapon Rating 2}
Duel Seraphim inferno pistols {Weapon Rating 2 (long range)/3 (short range)}
Duel mono-edge combat axes {Weapon rating 1}
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Captain Olga

Spoiler: Show

Olga Drevillin Karinzsky
Refresh 2

High Concept: Enterprising Free Trader
Trouble: Family's Checkered Reputation
Personal Aspect: Colorful Lies are Better Truths
Connected Aspect: Collector of the Strange
Connected Aspect: Webs of Debt & Obligation

Rapport +4
Deception +3, Empathy +3
Contacts +2, Fight +2, Athletics +2
Shoot +1, Notice +1, Physique +1, Provoke +1

Moves in the Right Circles: +2 to Contacts when talking to Imperial nobility
Forgery Team: Gain an extra invocation when using Deceive to create fake documentation
Rabble-Rouser: +2 to Rapport when making inspiring speeches

Heirloom Power Blade: Weapon:2, uses Fight

kitty voodoo

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Just curious, how long have we been crewing this vessel? I rather imagined Brigia as having just signed on for this specific trip. In fact, I'm wasn't sure if she signed on strictly as a passenger or as crew. I mean what is her actual job? For that matter, what are the official positions of the group? I mean the Tech-Priest is engineering obviously, but what about the rest of y'all?
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