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tarkuss said:

Another good read is Appleseed, also by Shirow. This is an "optimistic cyberpunk" story in a similar vein as THS. It contains bioroids (biological androids) like THS (including the obligatory furry catgirl bioroid, often found in both Shirow manga and Pulver RPG settings). In fact, I don't recall hearing the term "Bioroid" applying to such beings in anything but Shirow manga and RPGs written by David Pulver, so I suspect Pulver borrowed the term from Shirow, and I wouldn't be surprised if Shirow invented the term. At any rate, Appleseed is a good read for more than just the bioroids. For one thing, I'd picture a typical Fifth-Wave city as looking much like the cities in Appleseed, complete with the arcologies and the rather pleasant outlying neighborhoods. There are obvious differences in the timelines (Appleseed postulated a couple more World Wars, that are notably different from the wars in THS) but there are enough similarities to be worth a read.

Tarkuss! (who loves anything with furry catgirl bioroids)
I recently had the thought of putting a city like Olympus on Earth (ruled by some big AIs and populated mostly by bioroids), so that it could play a big part in conspiracy, espionage, and action campaigns, but unfortunately I thought of this too late for the playtest of "Fifth Wave"...

Oh well. Perhaps I'll write a Pyramid article on these lines...
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