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Transistor spoilers please...Ending content?


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The significant other has taken a liking to Transistor based on what she saw in the trailers. However, I need to know, based on hearing some spoilers - does the ending involve suicide, and in what context? Worried about buying this game for someone who has a mood disorder and may have some issues with suicide-related content.

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Yes. The protagonist commits suicide at the end of the game, in order to join her boyfriend(?) who was absorbed by her magic sword.


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Well, it’s arguably technically not suicide as she does not experience cessation of consciousness, but the Process does involve stabbing herself with said magic sword so it’s likely to be disturbing regardless. It’s deliberately visually evocative of suicide.

Also, two of the ‘villains’ commit (unarguable) suicide.


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Yeah, in the fiction, the Transistor is a sort of virtual machine within the Matrix-like workd the game is in, so it isn't actually suicide but is meant to resemble one.


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The protagonist, grieving over the loss of her friends and loved ones, stabs herself with a sword in order to live in another, better world and be together with them again while the narrator begs her to stop.

It might not technically be suicide but it might as well be.


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It seemed to me like it was Transistors all the way down anyway, so it's more transitioning from the now essentially empty server to the one with a community there than killing yourself to live a virtual world with other uploaded people.

But, IIRC, you can actually just quit the game if you don't want Red to stab herself. There's a prompt for it, and its required for the ending credits stuff, but you can just leave it with the protag thinking about stabbing herself without actually doing it. I let it hang like that for several minutes to see if the game would make something different happen if you didn't click.
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