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[TRO Challenge 3] My Game Fu grows stronger yet!


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So, it's more or less time to start people signing up for this?

For those not involved in the previous thread (or the first one) - this is a game design challenge.

A list of ingredients is created, people try and put together a game using a selection of them; and some other people judge them, based on their own criteria.

I'd be more specific, but exactly what goes on is somewhat in flux. All that is certain is that we'll have about a week to create a game from scratch; and that you can't cheat and create the game beforehand because you've no idea what the ingredients will be.

So, come one, come all - to the great Christmas holidays game fu!

Gavken said:
To allay fears / give people more time how about just over two weeks. The ingredients will be given on Friday 19th December 2008 and the competition finish on Sunday 4th January 2009. That should give people plenty of time and allow them plenty of warning that its coming up.
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I'm glad I've left my mark on rpg.net. I'm for sure in as a contestant this time. There was some talk of contestants doubling as judges last time, and if we went that way, I'd be happy to judge as well. Otherwise, I am ready and rarin' to go!


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I timidly watched the last two challenges, but this time, I think I'll step up and attempt this!

So, how do I sign up?



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Which ruleset do we want to use this time?
I preferred having multiple categories of things (choose one from each category, plus an extra one) to the second one (choose 4 from this big list)

Do we want players to suggest elements to use? (Presumably not allowed to use your own element, perhaps 'player suggested' should be one of the categories?) I quite liked this idea.

Do we want people to judge as well as enter? I'm ambivalent on this one, as long as we get lots of entries and a couple of judges.


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Well, I'm still working on my entry from last time. Yeah, utterly failed to turn anything in, but I got a great idea out of it!

So I'd be up for running or judging again. I either get to read some cool games or I get another great idea to work on. I can't lose.


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I'm willing to at least make an attempt, though I failed utterly the last time. I, too, would like a larger list of ingredients, though I'm not sure I have the moxie to be suggesting ingredients to other people.


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Every time I think I'm out they pull me back in!

I failed spectacularly in regards to NaNoWriMo this year, so perhaps it's time for a bit of penance.


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I'll certainly give it a go again. Hopefully I won't go quite as over the top as last time.

I'd like to have a picutre category as well this time to inspire people, but I'll go with the majority view.

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