[TRO Challenge] My game-fu style is transcendent!


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For me, it's just that if I want to just create a system which does X, Y, Z, I go ahead and do so. In a challenge, I want to be challenged. :)

As for the side contest - maybe I missed it? If you were to open something I think I'd participate (if I have the time, that is.)


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"player core" seems like a bizarre concept. What sort of things do you buy up?
Generally, base stats. The Player core just effected how the next character you made went. Now, that was The Amazing Engine. Note, I haven't read the Amazing Engine in a while, and I could be remembering what the core contained wrong. But I'm pretty sure it was just a set of six base stats that got added to your character in the current game. At the beginning only.

Another way to do it, as mentioned, would be a Template system with the Core being the Model of the character(if it were say an Android) or the Actor(if the game had the framing device of being a TV show or movie), and having it a reusable bit of base stats(Maybe skills if you wanted to go that way) for anyone who wants to play that type of character, speeding up character generation at the risk of making things less mechanically distinct if it weren't for the acquired traits added above. Like, say, Martial artist. Anyone can become a Martial Artist, but if you don't have the body type for your art, it's going to look silly and not be entirely effective.

Let's say we've got Jackie Chan as a Player Core/Actor. He's most effective as a Male Martial Artist or Dancer. But you could just as easily have him as a mad scientist or Chun Li from Street Fighter. He's going to be less effective as those characters, but it's possible.

I'm also disappointed that several people talked me up about running a side contest, but when the time came around, nobody was actually interested. That was kind of insulting.
I was willing, I was interested, I guess I just didn't see if if you started the thread. Sorry about that. If you wanted to do it now, I'd probably join right up. That's right, along side this.


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That was kind of insulting.
You are right, that was rather rude. Please accept my apologies.

I want equal time and consideration for less "different" ingredients, allowing for creative use and interpretation of simple things like types of dice/rolling mechanics along with the "count the number of cars that pass by your window for five seconds" randomizers and "you control one stat of everybody else's characters" interactive elements. Please.
Ok, I'll try my best to provide "less different" ingredients as well as "different" ones.


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Guys, please forgive me for being snarky, I was clearly in that "you shouldn't post" zone and did it anyway. It'd take too much to go back and edit what I said into something civil and approved for consumption, so let's just pretend I didn't speak except for the "I'm in" part? :eek:

I'm still interested in possibly doing a side-contest to complement (not compete with) Game Fu, but not while we're doing GF. We can talk about it later.


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Game Fu #7 Competition

The goal of this competition is to create a fun and functional role-playing game in about two weeks. This competition will run between Dec. 5th, 12 noon CST, to Dec. 20th, 11:59pm CST. All entries must be emailed by Dec. 20th, 11:59pm CST to reidzilla@gmail.com in one of the following formats: TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, or PDF. Feel free to post them to the competition thread as well so everyone can see your efforts.

Each entry into the competition must utilize at least 5 ingredients and must have at least one System Constraint, one Genre Blend, and one Image Hunt. Also, entries must include a title page with the following clearly stated: Author's name, Ingredients used, and Images cited with artist credits and links.


System Constraints

  • All characters are designed by committee.
  • All statistics (Skills/Attributes/whatever) must be phrased as Haiku or other form of short poetic prose.
  • Character creation does not allow characters to have access to all attributes. They must choose which ones not to have values in.
  • Characters are composed of a core that is augmented by templates that can be swapped.
  • Characters belong to a shared pool rather than individual players.
  • Characters' skills / abilities are generated / recorded using a Sudoku or Magic Square style grid.
  • Does not use numbers to represent skills or attributes in any way.
  • Game requires making sketches as a mechanic for task resolution, character creation, or whatever.
  • Mechanics must use different die types for specific action types. (e.g. d6 for social, d8 for combat, d10 for magic)
  • Must include an emotional connection mechanic binding characters together.
  • Must use non-traditional randomizers (no dice or poker/playing cards)
  • Players control character advancement
  • Resolution system must involve a bidding mechanic with a risk of loss.
  • Reverse dice pool resolution, where all dice in a pool have to succeed. Penalties add dice, bonuses remove dice.
Scoring: You will be judged on how you applied the concept / spirit of each chosen constraint. How functional are they in play? How fun are they in play?

Genre Blender

You must pick two of the following genres and combine the tropes listed to create your game. Picking additional ingredients from this category means adding an additional genre, and its tropes, to your setting (i.e. two ingredients from this category means three genres combined).
  • Brave New World (Exploration of exotic locals, Mysterious discoveries, Unexplained phenomena)
  • Conspiracy Thriller (Secret agencies/societies, Hidden agendas, Trust no one)
  • Invasion (Overcoming a superior force, Searching for weaknesses, Discovering hidden strengths)
  • Military (Warfare, Fighting as a unit, What is the price of victory?)
  • Modern Occult (Magic is real but veiled from the mundanes, Magic equals power, Power corrupts the unwary)
  • Mythos (Elder gods, Secrets man was not meant to know, Tentacled horrors)
  • Noir (Mysterious happenings, Temptation, Object(s) of desire)
  • Pirates (Live free or die trying, Swashbuckling, morality is in the eye of the beholder)
  • Post-apocalypse (Scarce resources, Fractured civilization, Survival of the fittest)
  • Punk (Dystopian society, Body modification/implants, lack of moral center)
  • Sentai team (Color defines you, Victory through teamwork, Power through transformation)
  • Space Opera (Grand Cosmic Scale, Individuals Against an Empire, Common Fantastic Technology)
  • Superhero (Secret Identities, Superhuman abilities, Power equals responsibility)
  • Survival Horror (Civilization has fallen, They are coming to get you, Think fast or die faster)
  • Western (Harsh life on the lawless frontier, Shoot or give up the gun, A man lives or dies by his word)
  • Wuxia (Enlightenment through training, Fantastic martial arts, Eternal search for secret techniques)
Scoring: You will be judged on whether you included all of the selected genres/tropes and how well you made them mesh together into a cohesive, enjoyable game. Originality will also be a factor as some combinations have been used and abused many times.

Image Hunt

Instead of picking an image from a list presented here, you must go forth upon the interweb and hunt down images that best fit your game. Each ingredient from this category must include three images that adhere to the following rules:

  1. The image cannot have been used in any published game. This includes RPGs, board games, trading/collectable card games, video games, etc.
  2. You must email the artist and ask for permission to use their image(s) in a document that is not intended for sale or mass reproduction/distribution. I'm not going to police this but I'd rather not get any nasty messages about using art without permission. Of course, public domain images, royalty-free stock art, & creative commons images are fair game.
  3. You must cite the artist for each image you use and cite the website where you got it from.
  4. Please, no pornographic material. Nudity is fine if you feel it is pertinent but let's keep this competition relatively family safe and well within the forum rules.

Scoring: You will be judged on the following: Are the images evocative and reflect a mood fitting for your game? How well do the images you chose work together as a set? How tied are the rules/setting/character options/etc to the images?


  • Game allows for inheritance between characters.
  • Game contains no random element of any kind.
  • Game includes detailed rules for enemy/item/etc generation and other such expansion guidelines.
  • Game is both Class Based and uses Point buy generation.
  • Game requires the use of pieces from a traditional board game, other than dice.
  • Mechanically involves Anagrams. (Automatic Anagram Generator)
  • The entire game, sans title page, must fit onto a 3 page document (letter sized, minimum font size of 10pts).

Let it begin!
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