Tropes vs Men, Tropes vs Women


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You've heard of Anita Sarkeesian and her Tropes Vs Women kickstarter, which asked for 6000$ to explore how women are stereotyped in videogames, and for which she received death threats, rape threats, had her face photoshopped onto various porn images and her wikipedia page vandalized, right?

You've also heard how she got 150000$ instead.

Thirdly, you may have heard certain portions of the internet grumble about how Anita is a "fraud" who "ran away with the money". This last group has NO RELATION to the people making the threats and the sexual harassment, naturally - they're just concerned internet dudes.

Well, the concerned internet dudes were extra concerned that Anita wasn't adressing the REAL IMPORTANT QUESTION - what about the mens?

So they started a kickstarter of their own, on Indiegogo, to fund Tropes Vs. Men, which would forever prove that men are treated WAY MORE unfairly in videogames than women ever were.

Irony isn't a strong enough word: Then they ran away with the money.

Also, the first Tropes vs. Women video is coming out on Thursday.


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First time I've ever had to use it.

I just do not fucking get it.

Even if you DON'T CARE, why do you care about someone *ELSE* complaining about patriarchy? Change the website if you don't want to read it.


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1) Unsurprising.
2) Anyone who pledged to that Kickstarter deserved to be scammed, unless they really didn't understand the context.
3) The assholes who ran this didn't deserve the money, though.


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Also ironic that the website has a link to the 50 hottest WoW cosplay photos. No males were featured in the gallery, I'm sad to report!

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I have this overwhelming desire to punch someone, or possibly several someones, in the damn throat, but I don't even know where to direct my rage (other than "certainly not at the people who are supportive of the Tropes vs. Women project").

-- Griffinhart
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