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Trove of Magic Items (100 Items for5E or Labyrinth Lord)

Willy Elektrix

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Open The Trove of Magic Items and discover 100 new magic items for 5E or Labyrinth Lord.

Get the 5E version on Dungeon Masters Guild.

Or get Labyrinth Lord version on DrivethruRPG.

The Trove features unpredictable, balanced, and fun to use magic items in an neatly organized format. Its massive array of random tables includes all the items from the Dungeon Master's Guide (or the Labyrinth Lord core rules and the Advanced Edition Companion).

New Items Include:
14 potions, 4 rings, 2 scrolls, 8 rods/wands, 41 miscellaneous items, 8 swords, 17 miscellaneous weapons, 6 armors.

Spoil food and cause nightmares with the Cruel Cataract of the Crone. Start a siege with the Collapsible Trebuchet. Uncoil the Infinite Rope and discover the surprisingly incredible power of a rope that never ends.

5E Samples:

Fungal Amphora
This amphora is filled with bubbling rainbow-hued sludge. If a creature touches the sludge, he will be burned for 1d4 acid damage. When the amphora is poured out, its contents pool into the form a large predatory fungus. The species of fungus is determined randomly by the chart below. The fungus behaves is it would in nature and may immediately attack whoever poured it out. When the amphora is empty, it slowly refills. In 24 hours, a new random fungus can be poured out.

1d4 Fungus
1 black pudding
2 gray ooze
3 ochre jelly
4 reroll result

Rattle of Youthful Innocence
This baby rattle contains powerful transformative magic. When a creature holds the rattle and shakes it, he transforms into an infant of his species. Shaking the rattle again transforms him back. As an infant, the creature has a Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution of 3, and only 1 hit point. His mental abilities do not change, but he is unable to speak unintelligibly (and cast spells) since his speech muscles are undeveloped.

Morningstar +1 of Growth
With each successful attack, the head of this morningstar grows 25% larger and the weapon inflicts more damage. Its first attack inflicts 1d8+1 piercing damage (including its magical bonus). Its second attack inflicts 2d8+1. Third attack is 3d8+1; fourth attack is 4d8+1; and fifth attack is 5d8+1. On the fifth attack, the morningstar’s head shatters and the weapon is destroyed. As the morningstar grows, its weight increases proportionally. Magically, it never seems any heavier to its wielder.
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