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[TSR Archive] Great TSR resource page.


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Thank you sir. Maybe he can give a reason for the site going down. My version dated back to May 2009 and probably hasn't been updated since then.
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Tom McCambley

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I was just going to check the website for something and I can see the account has been suspended. Did WotC scotch this?


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The "owner" of the Archive is: Adrian Newman, handle: Black Dougal

His current email address is: black_dougal@yahoo.com

He's is just a busy man these days, and was surprised so many people actually used his old website.

In any case, he did mention recently that he may decide to update it at some point.

He has graciously uploaded the site to me, but I noticed it was missing parts (he hasn't kept up with it, so I may not have got the most recent copy either).

I ripped the site from http://tsr.bothgunsblazing.com since it appeared to have more info online.

I am now hosting it at http://www.tsrinfo.net/archive/index.htm at this time.

Here is Adrian's recent post about it:


it's a little more than half way down the page (just search on "dougal")

Doug Rhea
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