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Two Kobolds in a Trench Coat


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A bad idea based on a silly phrase

A common theme of many board games and party games is "find the spy," where every player but one is aiming to achieve a certain goal and the spy is working to sabotage it without appearing to do so. And when the phrase "Two kobolds in a trenchcoat" popped into my head, I realized it would be a great mod for any tabletop RPG.

Bob and Jill* are two kobolds who are standing on top of each other and disguised as a human adventurer, with a perfectly normal adventurer identity like Korak the Mighty or something. The PCs are going to invade the sacred kobold lands for treasure, and Bob and Jill don't want to see the jewels on their temple's murals stolen -- but they can't give away their identity because of big plans.

At the start of the game, players secretly draw straws to determine who is really Bob and Jill in a trenchcoat. Their goal is to get through the adventure and look like they're helping while actually saying that what they know to be an empty passage must lead to giant treasure. If they succeed in preventing the players from reaching the MacGuffin without giving their identity away, they player doesn't need to chip in for pizza that week.**

* You may pick more koboldy sounding names if desired.

** I am bad at coming up with rewards.
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