Uncharted Worlds Post-Mortem Analysis


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Similarly, the whole setting, which can get incredibly baroque in the urban fantasy genre, is forced into a kind of symmetry by the presence of only four Factions, one of whcih the player belongs to, and the other three which he/she needs to interact with in order to get stuff done and also to earn advances. At first I really hated the simplicity of this as a GM but after a while I really got to like it because it meant I could make things as weird as I liked in the fiction while keeping the mechanical part really simple and easy for the players to understand. I wonder if a similar approach would work for a science fiction setting, maybe one more narrowly defined.
This was one of the challenges I faced in world-building in UW, because I wanted to make sure that the Factions that were going to show up in the game were ones that fulfilled the genre needs. Having some guidance from the rulebook on what those various genre needs are in Space Opera or Science Fiction gaming, and how to construct compelling Faction outlines that met those needs, would have been really helpful to us.

The material on number of Factions to start with, Might/Reach/Structure/Ideology, and certainly the Random Faction Generator was all helpful, but both a conversation that was higher level and one that was more granular would have been really nice. Something about the SF genre, IMO, makes me want to have a couple levels of nuance going on.
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