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💀 Necro Unknown Armies plot-in-a-line thread


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You're walking down the street towards that big office building you work at when it blows up. Amidst all the chaos and sirens, you see this ghostly dude standing over the debris and shouting that "They are coming".


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There is a certain street in a certain part of London. If you step into it just as it fills up with London fog, then as you walk you will hear around you the sounds of the Londons Past, each step taking you further back. And no matter how far you walk, you'll never reach the end of the street. But you'd better retrace your steps before the fog lifts, because otherwise...


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The apparent rise of right-wing wackos across Europe is a plan to discredit opposition to the creation of an European Superstate - a clever ruse orchestated by the EU true masters: French Terror anarchofascists and Fourth Reich Nazis.

Picasso's Guernica is a powerful artifact which caused the US to lose the Vietnam War, as it channeled the psychic energies of protestors from its temporary home at MOMA. The cover-up of the UN reproduction during Powell speech about Iraq was an attempt to counter its powers - but since the original was now in Madrid, it backlashed on their Spanish allies instead.

Somewhere in the tunnels under London - or Paris, or Moscow, or Seattle - there's a secret museum of wonders and oddities. Just avoid being caught by the watchman.

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There's a sneaky magician who has built a virus that drops specific letters from you screen in order. If you mark down each letter as it falls you find a repeating string of letters. If you say the letter-string backwards you enact a magic ritual.

I don't know what it does. I tried it and the only I do now is email people and warm them about this virus.


In Africa there's a ritual to break open a wall to carry a corpse out of the house. This is done to confuse the ghost since it can't find the door it was carried out of.

We westerners don't do this. And they say Africans are ill-educated and stupid. You don't even realise when you have dead people walking around with you.




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The reason no third runway has been built for Sydney airport is because it's only the aircraft flying regularly overhead that prevents the orbital mind control lasers from taking full control of the populace. It's for your own protection, people!


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Every American serial killer has had the same nine numbers in their social security numbers, just in different orders.


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If you have to get an abortion, don't do it at the Free Clinic downtown. I got lost in there one day and I opened this door and there was just this long closet filled with hundreds of glass jars, each one with the remains of an aborted fetus inside. I don't know what they're keeping them for, but I don't want to find out, sister.


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Ever wonder why you keep running into the same handful of people over and over? It's because there ain't that many people to run into. Maybe a few thousand, I don't know. No more than a few million. All those other sacks of meat walking around? They're just props. They're supposed to stop all the real people from thinking that they're so special. Don't believe me? Strike up a conversation with a few, and you'll soon realize that there is no way that they're human, or if they are humanity sucks.
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