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I have made several adjustments and additions hopefully getting closer to a working model. Still not sure if they magic will work as I intended but I believe the melee combat is sound. Hoping to nail down this part of the mechanics so I can start building the setting and social aspects to the game. Let me know if you see something off or even something where you think I am on the right track. thanks.


John Out West

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Hey Hilador,

Right off the bat its a huge improvement! I could reasonably GM this game so you've done a good job. You are defining new terms very well and the doc seems well ordered. Most of what I have to say is either nit-picky or a gameplay suggestion, so you're in a good place right now!

At the beginning of Initiative in the combat section, you say "The Player or NPC with," You can just say "The Character with."

If my understanding of magic is correct, I can use magic to essentially make an attack or check instead of the more physical way. Instead of making an attack I can Rank 2 Manipulate Fire on top of them. Instead of making a Climb check, I can Rank 3 Turn the Earth into a Ladder. So the DC difficulty of the check doesn't change, but it lets me change the problem from a physical one to a magical one, assuming i have the ranks to do the desired action. (Morph, shape, force, etc)
If this is how magic works, then I really like it.

In the magic section, you should define Rank 5 better. I assume it means i can create things like Animals or Fire, but at first i thought i can just make energy. I do like the idea of a level 1-4 magic user requiring to bring fire, ice, water with them to use their abilities, or to find it in the scene which is always fun.
I would also say Mastery within the flair rather than in parenthesis. "You've mastered this magic style, gain X ability."

The initiative system you've put up is dangerous. It actually emphasizes people to go last and not first. If i go last, i'll have two attacks back to back and will be able to put myself in a defensive position. If i'm first, I have to wait for every enemy to go twice before my second turn.

Pure Gamecraft Suggestions past this point, take it as you will:

Any chance you're willing to allow 0's, as well as 1's, add to the total skills gained? I feel like I could learn just as much from a super good strike as i did than a super poor one. This leveling system still isn't my taste, but I think making crits and crit failures would make more sense. People don't just learn from failures, they also learn from success.

I think I mentioned this before, but I would definitely change how each Combat Style feels for the player from a Gameplay perspective. Tank, Striker, and Fighter are fun, but I would give them different abilities that directly affect their dice, so playing each one feels unique, especially when combining them. Letting the Zealot, for instance, be able to cast a spell against their target whenever they roll a 0, for instance, would make them feel different from a Assassin who ripostes after each 0 in their block. The tank could reroll 1's in their block, while the Shaman could heal himself after each time he deals damage. Of course, mixing these kinds of things would make the fun exponential, trying to find the most ridiculous combo.

I would make your Dice Pools the character's Health. This way when they're hurt, they lose a dice and they are less able to do actions because their wounds are affecting them. It also means no keeping score of health on a sheet, as constant writing and erasing is annoying.
This also means that they can start each fight with 10 dice in their pool, and if they regenerated only 1 or 2 each round, means that at the start they would be spending 3 on attacks and 2 on blocks, and at the end spending 1 on attacks and 1 on blocks, really showing of how tired they are.

Keep up the good work!
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