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[USA] Upcoming Conventions and Events


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We have added DANIEL BURROW (Cracked Monocle games: Tephra!), JEFF DEE (UNIgames: Cavemaster and awesome old school TSR Artist), CHRIS PRAMAS (Green Ronin dojo zen master!), BEN HAMBY (steampunk author and master chef), and JENNIFER REHNAY (Fantasy Author) to our already awesome guest list!

Lots of guests, as noted in my sig!


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Texicon @ TABLE Exp 28-30 March 2014, Irving TX: Seeking GMs

We've been asked to participate in a learning expo, where people in the DFW area that aren't gamers are brought in and shown why gaming is important and just exactly what we do. Visit: www.texicon.net for more information on the expo as well as our full convention.

If you're interested in becoming a GM, teaching others how to role play, what miniatures gaming is about, or why board games are great. If you want to meet Steve Jackson, Rick Loomis, Matt Finch, Ken St. Andre, AEG staff. If you want to receive a copy of a limited edition Tunnels and Trolls Pocket Solo module.

For more information send me an email: karl[at]texicon[dot]net or visit our website.

Thank you,



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MaricopaCon 2014


MaricopaCon returns to the valley with hopes to raise funds to double the size of the convention so no gamer is left out. Join us!

Arizona's first kickstarted gaming convention is back with plans to be bigger and better than ever. People said it couldn't be done, but valley gamers proved otherwise. Plans to have enough function space for 300 guests are in the works. More vendors (10-12) will mean more cool loot to obtain. The staff are adding retro video gaming to the programming as well. Whether you are new to gaming or a veteran in the local gaming community, help us grow and continue to provide the Phoenix area with an annual gaming centered convention.

Last year saw several local game designers (who have had successful kickstarter projects for their games) come together at the con for an awesome time. New ideas were spawned and friendships started. This is part of the MaricopaCon vibe. If you missed out last year please join us this con in August of 2014. Networking opportunities abound. Cosplay is coming back as well bigger and better.

Just some of the gaming groups running events at the 2014 con will be the crew of Arizona Men In Black, Adventures Under the Laughing Moon, Time Renegades, UAG, and Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team. MaricopaCon 2013 had over 125 events run and we plan for more this next convention.



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Re: MaricopaCon 2014

Texicon 2014 begins June 27th through to the 29th at the Grapevine Convention Center. It was decided this year to host the convention at a venue that is a mid point between Dallas and Ft. Worth.
Grapevine Convention Center
1209 S Main St.
Grapevine, Texas 76051
Texicon supports all three sections of gaming: Miniatures, Role-Playing, and Board gaming. Each year Texicon will focus on
a specific section. Moreover, we believe that having a place
where multiple games occur will allow players to try games that they might not normally play, while allowing our players to
also play those games they love. Our Game Masters and Referees are excited at the prospect of teaching people to play
new games.

Texicon also hosts seminars that focus on every aspect of gaming. In these seminars, experts will speak about various
aspects of games and gaming. Some speakers will be seasoned gamers, others will be industry specialists.
As usual we put out the call for game masters to help us run games and put on events for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Contact information for the gaming magnates is available on the homepage of the convention website or I can be contacted here and I’ll be sure to put them in touch with any prospective game masters. Want to help out but don’t want to run a game? I can personally use a few people to help with lifting and assembling wargame tables as well as general set up around the convention. I can be emailed directly at twogunbob@ymail.com or contacted here.

Convention website www.texicon.net Look forward to hearing from everyone, take care.


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Re: MaricopaCon 2014

The Warhorn event listing for ChupacabraCon this weekend: https://warhorn.net/events/chupacabra-con

Our guest list now includes:

Aaron Allston
Aaron de Orive
Ben Hamby
Brian Engard
Chris Pramas
Daniel Burrow
Diesel LaForce
Donna Prior
Ed Wetterman
Ernest Cline
Jamie Chambers
Jason Durall
Jason Morningstar
Jeff Dee
Jennifer Rehnay
Leonard Balsera
Mark Vargas
Nerd Cave
Ross Watson
Scare for the Cure
Steve Kenson

Looking forward to seeing a lot of new people there!

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MAG CON - New Caney, Texas - April 12 & 13

MAG CON - April 12th & 13th in New Caney, Texas - is a gaming convention that focuses on board, card, and role-playing games. MAG CON's goal is to provide a great value for attendees - great games and concessions at a low price. MAG CON is a fundraiser for The Learning Center campus in New Caney ISD. All proceeds from this gaming convention go to support the The Learning Center and its educational mission.

RSVPs are handled at www.magcon.org. If you'd like to join us for gaming, after you register for the convention itself, select your scenarios at http://www.warhorn.net/houston-pfs.

If you didn't make last year's MAG CON, you missed something special. MAG CON is our local convention - held at the New Caney ISD Annex Building. It is the sole fundraiser for The Learning Center, which deals with many students that are considered "at risk". The programs mission is to provide an educational environment that helps provide opportunities for these students to refocus their attitudes and academics. This is achieved by fostering positive teacher-student relationships and helping students realize their own potential.

Last year's convention raised $2800 - $700 of which went to rebuild schools in West, Texas following their disaster. Last year, Pathfinder Society was the dominant gaming activity at the convention with 45 players participating in 22 sessions. Naturally, we're hoping to surpass both attendance and fundraising this year.

That's all well and good for the school - but this is a great con for gamers. $20 gets you in for the weekend (and there's lots of group discounts available), and parking is free. We also have "the single greatest amenity at a convention, ever" - the mobile concession cart. That's right, Om noms delivered to your table. You'll still have to get up to go potty, though.

We'll get to the offerings for PFS in a second, but there's more gaming if nothing but PFS is too much for you - they'll have Stellar Horizons RPG, an auction, a dealer's room, and a ridiculously large board game library. Last year's con had X-Wing, Warmahordes, Malifaux, Savage Worlds, old-school D&D, Zombicide, Khet, and Steve Jackson Games - we expect that and more this year, including an appearance from the 501st, Arkham Horror, Takenoko, Civilization, Stellar Horizons, Small World, and a Ticket to Ride tourney.

Its by far the smallest of the Houston-area cons, but its a great time and a great value.

To sweeten the pot, GM *at least one* session and your admission is free. Our Pathfinder Society options are going to be pretty cool this year - including the season two special "Year of the Shadow Lodge" and the appropriate scenarios leading up to and following it. If you've played those already, great - GM it for us and get in free. We'll have scenarios at all levels of play - slightly weighted towards the lower-level tables. That includes "The Confirmation" - the new introduction scenario. We'll have FOUR brand-new scenarios. You're not going to be bored.

So, join us. Raise money for some kids and have a good time in the process. And hey, for the majority of y'all, we're a shorter drive than Moody Gardens.

Register for the convention itself at: http://www.magcon.org/ - you'll still need to register here, even if you volunteer to GM - so we know to put you on the list.

Gaming sign-up is at: https://warhorn.net/events/mag-con-6
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Re: MAG CON - New Caney, Texas - April 12 & 13

This is shaping up nicely. The con has added Arkham Horror, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Catan, the Firefly board game, Civilization, OD&D, Iron Kingdoms, Nuclear War, Small World, and Call of Cthulhu since last I posted here.

Me, I'm still looking for GMs for Pathfinder Society. We have plenty, but I would like more. Remember, GM *one* session, and your admission is free.

Register for the convention itself at: http://www.magcon.org/ - you'll still need to register here, even if you volunteer to GM - so we know to put you on the list.

Pathfinder Society scenario sign-up is at: https://warhorn.net/events/mag-con-6


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Nexus Game Fair has released their Event Catalog with over 400 events and the Milwaukee Company of Gamers (MilCoG) is bringing their 1,000+ board game library for attendee use.

Live Event Registration is scheduled to begin Monday May 12th, 2014 at 8pm CST. So Register and buy your Badge today, if you haven’t already.


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Fantasticon Milwaukee
October 24-26
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Fantasticon brings comics, gaming, cosplay and pop-culture together for an awesome weekend! Huge stars, great gaming, costume contests and awesome parties

Stars for this year
Caity Lotz (Arrow TV Show)
Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck and everything else)
Chad Rook (Upcoming The Flash TV Show)
Magda Apanowicz (Continuum)
and more...

We are still seeking GM's and seminar support. Come check us out and enjoy a great time.

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Hey Houston...

Did you have fun at Comicpalooza? Good. Here's what's next - The Houston Con (formerly Space City Con, and no I don't know why the name changed).

Pathfinder Society will be out EN FORCE ... and yes, there will be other gaming too. If three+ solid days of PFS is too much for you (you casual), we'll also have Warmahordes, X-Wing, Iron Kindgoms RPG, Steve Jackson Games, Dungeons & Dragons (for those of you that didn't learn your lesson last edition), and Ettin Games is going to be out with their massive kick-ass board game library again. Yes, I'm an Ettin homer fanboy - but not without good reason.

GM eight hours, donate $5 to the charity (not to me, not to the con, not to con leadership) and get your badge for the weekend. No, its not free - its FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS for an entire weekend of gaming goodness, and you get to tell yourself you did it for the kids - and there's still GM slots available! Life is good!

So here's what's planned:

*A farewell to the Year of the Demon - every season five scenario that hasn't been offered at a Houston convention yet will be offered twice at The Houston Con. There's eight of them.

*Seeker tier play. Yes, we heard you. You're welcome.

*The season four special, "Race for the Runecarved Key". Oh, you played it? Good - volunteer to GM. For The Houston Con, we're doing it differently - the special is on Saturday morning. All you casuals that put your immortal souls ahead of gaming - and have missed out on specials we've been running in the past because they're done on Sunday mornings - now get a chance to join us. Also, the schedule has scenarios that lead up to "Race for the Runecarved Key" plot-wise beforehand and scenarios relating to it after.

*Newbie stuff. Have a friend, wife, girlfriend (I'm just kidding, I know the audience) that you want to introduce to Pathfinder Society play? Newbie goodness galore - The Confirmation, obvs, and We Be Goblins, as well as some of the best lower-level scenarios made. Can you describe "Mists of Mwangi" to an outsider? No, you can't - get 'em to the table. Or get them to the Mendevian front!

I don't know about you - but I dig Year of the Demon. Let's send it out in style. Together.

Should old demons be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Should old demons be forgot, and auld lang syne?

www.thehoustoncon.com for registration/info
www.warhorn.net/events/houstoncon-2014 for gaming signup.
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