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Usagi Yojimbo RPG PbtA...


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Huh. How about that. Pledged.

Since my daughter loves Usagi Yojimbo as much as I do, this was a no-brainer. Now I just need to see if there's an option for two books.

I may wish Sanguine did some things differently, but what they do more or less works so I'll pledge.


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As it’s the same guys as Ironclaw is love for them to put the other version of Usagi back up on Drivethru as I missed that one too.


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I think it’s assumed that if you are comfortable with PDFs, you will be comfortable with ordering the POD direct from DTRPG.

Jim Hague

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Ironclaw guys and PbtA? Hard pass. Ironclaw's a,poorly-written mess of cheap fanservice and PbtA isn't the right system at all. This needed something fine-tuned to play to the setting strengths, not shorehorning it in to the current darling.

Marius B

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Sanguine’s already done an Usagi RPG which is very, very good. Brilliant even.
So on one hand it seems like kind of a shame that this is going with pbta, when they already have a brilliant system for it.
On the other, I already have their old Usagi game and this makes an Usagi game available for people who unaccountably don’t like the previous version but do like Pbta.

But since I already have a great Usagi game and am unenthusiastic about Pbta, I’m obviously not going to back. Although I just realised that I only have it in print, not electronic and they seem to have taken it off dtrpg so I can’t even give them a bit of money for the game they’ve already published.

Rich H

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No thanks.

Massive shame; will just have to stick with the Sanguine Production 1st edition. Will throw $1 on it to keep in the loop.
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