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A lot of useful resources get mentioned in this forum, but are soon lost in the depths of time. The purpose of this thread is to prevent those losses by collecting those resources into a single location.

The ideal location for permanent resources is the Wiki, and as such, there is a category in the wiki called LARP resources.

However, writing or editing a wiki page is often less quick and convenient than writing a forum post. As such, this thread could be considered a form of "holding pen" for resources that have not yet made it to the wiki.

This thread is not intended for ongoing discussion, but as a place where links to be stored to threads within this site or elsewhere.

Examples of useful resources would be lists and reviews of venues, equipment suppliers, prop makers, rules systems, etc...
LRPStore Competition

Thought people might be interested in the LRPstore competition. All you have to do is sign up and create an account (completely free) and you are entered into a prize draw for £250 worth of kit.
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You don't have to buy anything, and they have a great selection of costume and larp related goods!

Many thanks

On behalf of LRPStore Ltd

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I have one.

I built a thing called the Ebon Shelf. It's a livejournal community. The original premise was to create some "Prop text" for use in various games where i might have a clue stuck in an occult tome. I wanted to have a bunch of text that could be "Clue" as well instead of Lorem Ipsem text. So, it was for making things that could surround the prop. and even a couple of people have seen fit to throw some things into the community along with me.
Although, i'd always like more.

Over the course of time, it's become a repository for micro and short fiction dealing with occult themes. But i certainly wouldn't mind some occult inspired art work to help supplement its utility as a prop archive. I'm a duffer at that sort of thing.

Since, i've written the bulk of the Shelf, (which was NOT my intent, i assure you.) I may end up collecting the work and throwing up on Lulu at some point.

But you're certainly welcome to use and exploit this resource as you see fit until then. and who knows, if you get inspired too. throw it into the pot.

Its URL is below in the sig.


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I have a set of end-of-the world prophecies written for the oVampire LARP I help run. They're not based on any of the published scenarios, but our game run through a Gnostic/Cainite Heresy filter. Any use to this project?


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