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Useful LARP resources


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I remember someone looking for chainswords and their ilk--Artyfakes.co.uk seems to have a few in the steampunk collection and suggests Knighthawk Armoury as a North American source.
For 40K gear (in the UK anyway, although I think all of these ship internationally) - http://www.skianmhor.co.uk/40k.htm have a whole load in stock and they do custom work as well.

Wandering Soldier are also doing custom jobs.

And a few others (such as Having a larp) have been spotted sporting 40K-related stuff on display at events.

There's also a few people who do personal commissions.

Not that I've become an expert in this particular subject... ;)


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My sister (Missy) and friend (Tanya) have started a small garb making business called "Dark Designs". At this point they are mostly making garb to order. You can find their page on Facebook or contact them via e-mail, missydarkdesigns@gmail.com. Sorry to our non-American friends, but I do not think they will be shipping out of country at this point.


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Having only recently stumbled upon the larping scene, I primarily make masks and steampunk goggles. But I've also been considering branching out into weapon props and the like. For now, though, you can see my current items at my etsy shop- http://www.etsy.com/shop/RobinRed

I primarily do fantasy/masquerade style masks, but with a smattering of steampunk and armor-like pieces.

And yes, I do commissions.


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we make most things (or if we don't can certainly recommend someone who does)

masks, weapons, armour, costume - any era, any style

main mask site is here : http://www.kangena.co.uk
custom work can generally be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mandala-Studios-Props-Costume-and-Special-Effects/7467446695

we've been involved at one point or another with most of the major fests, and quite a few smaller systems as refs, monsters, players etc so know what works and what doesn't

we currently run our own sci fi system - Alone - which generally sells out pretty quickly. Check out our events here: http://www.mandalalrp.co.uk

email info@mandalastudios.co.uk with any questions

The Mandala Team


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My signature has the nWoD version of Grapevine link. It's a project I did a few years ago to support a micro-network of nWoD games I was in at the time, now defunct, but it worked well and continues to get a few more downloads every month.


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Re: uggs tall

Spam for Tangency's least favorite footwear reported.


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Wandering Soldier are also doing custom jobs.

Just thought I would post a warning about wandering Soldier - Myself, my brother and two friends have all had major difficulties when dealing with him. After ordering through his website, paying in full, I waited and waited. After many calls and emails he finally tells me that the item has been dispatched and is on its way, going as far as to send me a UPI number for tracking.

I contact the couriers only to find that the number he sent me was fake, there was no pick-up and there certainly wouldn't be a delivery. When I called him on this, all communications ceased. Very odd I thought.

I the end I had to ask my bank to retrieve my money, which he had held onto for months and use a company called Saxon Violence. I would avoid him like the plague unless you see him at an event and buy one, there and then. Dodgy to say the least!
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