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Useful LARP resources


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I've started reading a pretty cool blog site called www.larping.org. His weekly round-up has a lot of interesting items related to all avenues of LARP. There are also a few resource sections like lists of stores, etc. I have it bookmarked and check it routinely.


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I thought someone might find this useful.

I just came across larpwriter.com. It is a site that enables would be LARP writers to create and organize their characters, NPCs, factions, etc, all online. It even outputs to PDF for you.. What's more, it's free and works off of donation only. I have started to setup my first LARP in larpwriter, and so far, I'm really impressed.


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for prop buidling resources:
scrapyard, all kinds of portal building equipment ect.
DIY stores, latex paint and all the other stuff they have and we abuse for whatever its not ment for.
furniture stores, the ones where they do the fabric as wel, for good foam and if your lucky they have leather as well.
second hand store's are a goldmine if you visit them regiuarly :)


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This is mainly for NERO larp but can be adjusted for similar larps:

FL-414 - Best for One handed swords use with McMaster Carr foam part
number NOT for 2 handed weapons(it will snap)
FL-505 - Best for heavier one handed swords or one handed shortswords
NOT for 2 handed weapons(it will snap)
FL-602 - Use this for 2 handed swords. It is not good for one handed
swords. It doesn't have enough flex at that length and although it's
light for a 2 handed sword it's of comparable weight to a PVC

FL505 $9.59
FL602 $11.44


Size 1-3 Microfiber tights with a toe. - Walmart is the best
cost/durability. Three packs are cheapest, but you usually have to get
three different colors for that. Remember to not get ones without toes
or with multiple toes.

Clear latex wears

FL414 $8.29 Product ID 007017 .414 kitespar for one handed swords
FL-602-60 $14.99 Product ID 007037 .602 Kitespar for 2 Handed swords

Shipping is about 10 bucks for 3 cores.

Gorilla Tape - Heavier and more expensive than normal 3m or Duck brand
duct tape. Better for holding things together but I would not
reccomend it for weapons. Buy it at Home Depot

Gaffers Tape - Available in lighting supply stores, similar to duct
tape but does not leave as much of a residue when removed.
Recommended for holding covers onto weapons. Very suseptable to cold.
lt will freeze and fall off.


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There are also lots of reviews like this one on larpcraft if you are looking for kinda stuff to make or buy. http://scrolls.larpcraft.com/index.php?forums/Weapons/

and these are freely commented on by larpers on if they like the item or not which helps give people insight before they spend any money (which is nice).


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Blog articles are also on www.larpcast.com written by larpers for larpers.

An interesting Larp Magazine is coming out in Fall of 2013 - www.facebook.com/LiveActionMag (it doesn't have a real site yet, still working on that). Will promote all larp groups, businesses and larp articles. Might be good to like that page to keep up on what is happening.


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If anyone in any larp needs a torch but can't use flames, this might be your hot ticket for under $20.
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