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Useful LARP resources

Reverend Kinesys

Long National Nightmare
I used to write a column called the World Famous Crank Report which some have told me is helpful to them. it's url is:
The World Famous Crank Report

The NEW project is about creating a nice repository for mortal characters, widgets, legends, and texts that you can plug in to your game with a minimum of muss or fuss. essentially "Painting the Corners of the World of Darkness".
Painted Corners Blog

I'm lately all about building an audience, so if you like what you see, tell a friend please. :)


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I am glad this sticky exists! Lots of helpful links.

I am still rather surprised, though, that stuff like "How to Host a Murder" isn't lumped in with LARPing, and helping make this genre as diversified as, say, the tabletop community (which now resembles television and movies in its variety).

Tormented Artifacts

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OK, here we go: my own comprehensive loadout of masks, leatherworks, props, armor, and other wearables: Tormented Artifacts

There's a heavy emphasis on my own weird blend of occulty post-apoc, but there's a lot of stuff I do that works well for general abuse across multiple genres.

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