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USS-Thunderchild(Star Trek rpg, looking for peeps)


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Greetings dear trekers I'm Commodore Me'lonna Deb'ora(Me'lonna's pic is worfs lover in TNG) I'm here sitting in my command Chair staring at a sitting ship looking for Starfleet Personel. My Ship is the "USS-Thunderchild" my ship had to to through ship updates,and Add ons,and what ever. So im here wanting to gather up a group of people to join my USS-Thunderchild,and heres the Story: USS-Thunderchild --
The year is 2340 USS-Thunderchild had just came back after so many years in
Starfleet,shut down. Now they are back on a new adventure in the Gamma quadrent.
Studying planets, plant life,and other alien life. Hoping we don't run into un-friendly
races,and also make new friends.
For a while USS-Thunderchild was a great exploration ship, in friendly Territory, or NOT!!

Everything is opened on The Thunderchild..grab what you want :) I'm looking for an Excutive officer too

site is: http://www.uss-thunderchild.starfleetuk.org/
Were on Discord: thunderchild-ooc -
Discord: https://discordapp.com/
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/176082956369200/
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