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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 announcement

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Based on what has been said, that is my take as well. You were mass embraced with others so no one knew who your sire was or what clan you are so you’re put as caitiff. After a while you show affinity for one clan(have the right powers and/or outlook) and they accept you as one of their own.

EDIT: Thinking about it, its a clever way to introduce new comers to the clans and let them develop a play style that works for them.
I suppose that might mean Nosferatu is out of the picture, but one of the preview clan images on the website (which are supposed to show havens, IIRC) was some form of alley or sewer. So, wait and see.


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For a Nosferatu thinblood, I imagine they'd just be kind of ugly rather than inhumanly so. Enough that nobody would give them a second look if they wore a hoody.


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For a Nosferatu thinblood, I imagine they'd just be kind of ugly rather than inhumanly so. Enough that nobody would give them a second look if they wore a hoody.
Thin Bloods have no flaws until they diablerize their way to 13th generation.


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Cool, a sequel! :D

I’ve played some of Bloodlines when I was younger, but I didn’t really understand the plot or being treated like a gopher for some random people I didn’t know, lol. I loved the atmosphere, the vampire powers, the blood sucking, the dialogue choices, and the fighting people and creatures. I remembered beating up an entire drug house, and beating up some evil doctor guy.

Oh! And trying to race through that haunted hotel!

(I was a Brujah, can’t you guess? :p I also played a Toreador, which had a different feel, being more social. I was heading on the path to joining the Anarchs or doing my own thing.)

I hope this new one has a better or smoother combat action-y system, and I like that we can choose gender and other details like that.

I also like the Thin-Blood idea. That’s like more human-like vamps, yes? The kind that is less affected by sunlight, I think? I hope so.

I hope we can be a more... humane-ish vampire in terms of morals, like eating mostly bad guys most of the time over innocent people, etc.

Or at the very least, just being able to do our own thing and not just being a small bit player/gopher for snooty vamps through the entire game. ^_^

So, down to the waiting game. In the meantime, I’ll be reinstalling and replaying the first game (with the patch). :)
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There's also only going to be six clans available at the start, with more added later as free DLCs.

If I had to bet money on which clan's going to be added later, I'd go with Malks, since they were the meta-commentary second playthrough clan in the first game.


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Sadly, I assume this protagonist will be voiced which will make wild alternate scripts harder. But I'd pay for the Malk if it reworked the dialogue.

I kinda like the early 2000's trend of voicing everyone but the protagonist. You could change things a lot.


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Malks where ment for the second playthrough? Okay I know that but this is a good time to bring up a problem both me and my closest friend had where it was esier to understand what most of the Malkavian lines where trying to comunicate and what kind of reactions they would elicit from the person you where talking to then the regular non malkavian lines. It was us drunk of our asses and talking obtusely for the lulz kinda lines but they made sense to us.

It was years ago but I remember trying a non Malkavian playthrough and seriously seemingly randomly pissing people of for no reason I could figure out by choosing the wrong dialog. When I think about it I remember getting Mercurio fucking pissed at me for no disconsernable reason.

It might have to do with us both being on the spectrum or it might just be and my friend having a similar way of thinking as the one that wrote the Malkavian lines. All i know is that the non-Malkavian lines where giberish that didn't make no sense half the god damned time.


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I don't like to pre-order stuff, but in this case I did so almost automatically. I can only assume some degree of Dominate or Presence was involved.
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