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[Vermintide II] Now with extra Chaos


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It will improve. Then you'll move to legend and it'll be bad again before it gets good again. Just the nature of the game.

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Just out today, the Bardin Songbook!
(note: today only, check the date, funny)

Also, the new weekly challenge is explosive fun. I hope to see some Twitch of people playing this one.


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I feel the need to brag a bit. I pulled off the most impressive clutching I have seen since Montegris' epic Ironbreaking in Bogenhafen.

I was using Handmaiden in Horn of Magnus, and I completed the blackpowder barrel run section alone because everyone else was down. I ran to the plaza while being pursued by huge number of enemies, danced around a rat ogre, made my way to the stairway leading to the inn and got everyone on their feet. They all died, after which I fled to the inn, and got everyone up once they respawned and in a brutal pitched battle we killed everything pursuing us.

The talent which breaks enemy targeting when using the ult turned out to be insanely good in those circumstances.

Made me feel better about failing the weekly event twice in row. Goddamn Blightstormers.


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The current weekly mutator is the one where enemies split into two weaker enemies when slain AND Vanguard (all roaming enemies are replaced with Elites).

It is totally bonkers. :D


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Bought this on PS4. Me and a friend will be giving it a go. Anything we should know going in?


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Bought this on PS4. Me and a friend will be giving it a go. Anything we should know going in?
If you're first time players, I recommend playing through all the missions in order on the lowest difficulty at the start. That will let you see the storyline and unlock all the boss levels before going into random games and ending up with no idea about the plot progression.

Even more importantly, read this guide.


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Heads up, there's a new timed event running with art and character frames on the offering.

The event is quite hilarious, but not 100% thought out, in my opinion.


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Played the event mission on champion, got Skittergate. My friend Caronte and I pushed through that, but damn, was it hectic. Then we switched to Legend and played War Camp for the "kill Bodvarr" artwork, and then a quickplay which was obviously The Pit. I pulled off a very good clutch in the first of those two, and on the second I managed to kill 2 specials with one shot twice. I hadn't played in a month or two, since I'm trying to not get burnt out or anything and save my strength for the expansion, but damn if this game doesn't remain incredibly fun after 630 hours clocked in.


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I'm gonna double post, but for a good reason. What reason is this, Montegris, you'll say? Very simple. I'm going to write another one of my guides of "tips to play to Vermintide for RPG.net!" The most important previous installment on these guides is The Basics and I know I've dropped musings of Vermintide II wisdom here and there. So here we go with my latest guide: Clutching, or how I saved the party's bacon and was awesome at the same time.

What is clutching and why should I do it?

Clutching means to save a run that seemed lost on your own by handling a very difficult situation and reviving your teammates further ahead, often after killing a crapton of enemies and disablers on the way.

What do I need to clutch?

Nerves of steel, quick thinking, good skills, and ideally a little luck, probably in that order.

Ok, so how do I clutch

There's no one-size-fits-all for clutching, but in general there are several things to keep in mind, and those are:
  • Play smart. Sure, you can kill everything around you if you have time and space, but sometimes that's not an option, and you need to create that space right now. Playing smart will help you do it.
  • Don't get nervous: if you're clutching, the game's already lost anyway, so no pressure. If you pull it off, great, people will say you're amazing. If you don't? That's the expected. So don't sweat it.
  • Learn your chokepoints, and keep moving. I can't stress this enough. If you're not moving you're a sitting duck. Relocate, refunnel, relocate, and make sure to have some lines of cover so you can hide from specials that may be blocking your way.
  • If your allies are close, move towards them once the situation is somewhat secure. It won't be safe at any point, so just move at as brisk a pace as you can handle.
  • Save yourself before you save them. It's no good to revive an enemy in the middle of a horde. First clear the horde somewhat, or open space with your ultimate/a bomb before you revive.
  • Health is paramount here. If there's a draught in your way chug it and keep going. No sense keeping that "for when we come back", because a couple of unlucky hits may mean you don't come back.
  • Bombs and potions are your friends, especially if the wipe-to-be is being caused by a boss or a patrol. Bombs away! Having trinkets that allow reuse of bombs makes them so good for this reason.
  • Target priority. Disablers come first, berserkers then, then shielded units, then other specials, then chaos warriors and other stormvermin, then the horde, then bosses. Learn2kite and all that stuff.
The rest of clutching comes down to player skill, which you will only develop as you play. When you're comfortable in Veteran, you may be able to clutch Recruit runs, when you're comfortable in Champion you may be able to clutch Veteran and so on. Still, it's a good skill to develop from time to time. But, like I said, no pressure.

Finally, to round off this guide, a couple of practical examples which will only stay up for a few days (as twitch will delete my videos after 14 days). I might download them and upload them to youtube to make them permanent, though.

So here's one of the best clutches I've pulled off (sadly we wiped at the end event of the map), and it goes from 17:43 when we drop down from the hole in the sewers and aggro a silent patrol that was down there waiting for us, as well as a bunch of plague monks, a ratling or two, and an ambush, all at the same time. Of course, this is legend gameplay. Some interesting pointers here:
  • At 18:30-ish I realize that we're fighting a surprise patrol, so I bomb it. I bomb it two times and still keep one bomb because I got lucky with procs.
  • At 18:40 I'm almost dead. I recall having seen a draught nearby, and go grab it and chug it immediately, getting surrounded. My friend Caronte can be heard telling me "you're dead" over voice comm, to which I reply "not if I have a say in it". What do I say? I toss a bomb at my feet, regardless of self-damage. I needed space so I could keep kiting.
  • From 19:00 to 19:20 you see me taking out Berserkers and Stormvermin, and ignoring two globadiers that are stinking the place around. At one point, Caronte says "tienes 2 globadier ahí" (you've got two globadiers there), to which I reply "los globadier no me preocupan, el que me preocupaba era ese cabrón del escudo" (I'm not worried about the globadiers, the one who worried me was that bastard with the shield). The reason why the shieldvermin was a problem was that he was breaking my attack patterns, stopping me from clearing the horde. The berserkers could deal a ton of damage, so they were very dangerous too. Meanwhile, the globadiers couldn't really hit me if I kept moving, and they might wipe out some of the horde. So target priority was clear here.
  • At 20:10, you see me handling a gutter runner and a packmaster. The packmaster is slow and you see him coming, so the runner was the primary target. I kept trying to hit him to no avail, but I was focused on dodging him more than on killing him, as one mistake would be fatal. Once he teleported and I couldn't see him, I focused on the packmaster, then the assassin, then I turned my attention to what was coming next.
  • At 20:20 you see another case of smart play: I used the column to avoid the ratling gun fire, as it was too far away for me to shoot in time.
  • At 20:40 you see me use my ultimate to help me kill two stormvermin. Now, normally that'd be a waste of an ultimate, but I needed to speed on ahead to the group before another horde spawned, so I needed to kill them ASAP. That was why I used the ultimate. It's after that that I ress my friend Caronte (Kerillian) as the horde is spawning.
  • From that point, I gave him directions to follow me into the tunnels to funnel the horde, and once we got overwhelmed ("a la esquina", i.e. to the corner) to move to a bigger choke point where we could handle both sides of the horde.
  • The clutch ends when we both go down the stairs mentioning, at 21:55 that "nos puede salir el boss" (the boss may spawn) because we know that there's a boss spawn trigger midway through the stairs. Once more, we're counting on getting our team up before the boss catches up to us. Lo and behold, at 22:07 we hear the rat ogre's roar.
For our next example, what's probably my best clutch ever, and on an Ironbreaker equipped with a flamethrower, no less, which is a terrible weapon for clutching as you can't really kill specials, on a durable, but very slow, class.

Let's see what we can learn from it:
  • You may be "I beat Fortunes of War on Legend" good. That doesn't mean you can't screw up (as Potato Masher kept doing throughout the whole run, by just speeding ahead of the group every time.
  • Things start to go south as Caronte gets caught by the blightstormer's wind and is promptly killed by the horde at 12:15. There's a blightstormer that I can see, but I can't kill due to my low range. I end up alone with a bot, and that will save my ass later, as you'll see.
  • At 12:34 I kill a warpstone flamer by stunning it twice with my own flamer, then finishing it off in melee. Why? Because I'd take forever to kill it with my own flames, but that way I can approach it safely and end it with my axe like Grimnir demands.
  • At 12:53 I see medical supplies. My bot has Natural Bond, so he won't heal even if he's carrying healing, so I heal the bot. This would normally be a waste, but having a bot alive could be my salvation... And it was. I mistime my dodge against the packmaster at 13:42 and Kruberbot saves my life. I love that bot.
  • 14:07. Once more, target priority. I was flaming the horde, and I heard a blightstormer teleport behind me, so I turned around to flame it in the face of the horde. Why? Because blightstormer wind in those tunnels is guaranteed death. This proves to be right soon after, when Kruber gets caught by the wind and is quickly killed by the horde (14:25).
  • I'm now all alone, with the horde on two sides of me, and one or two blightstormers being a pain in the ass (at this time I've lost count). Time to clutch! At 14:38 I use my ultimate for damage reduction and to create some space, since I no longer have the luxury of time to charge up my flamer, so I switch to the axe. I throw a firebomb to handle part of the horde and attempt to chase the blightstormer, but the horde protects him. All this time I keep moving, otherwise I'm dead meat, as you can see at 14:50 where the wind is chasing after me and I have the horde in front of me. I can't kill wind, so I push into the horde, relying on the Ironbreaker's resilience to carry me through.
  • At 15:10 I try to funnel the horde once more into the tunnels and kill some with the flamer, but the not-yet-dead blightstormer teleports on top (where I can't hit him) and puts wind in front of me. Outside with the bits that remain of the horde again is my only salvation, so I go back outside.
  • As I go outside, a leech comes. I can't kill it while dodging the storm, so I just swat it away with flames a couple of times, and let the storm chase me so I can go around and back into the cave, where the leech will be easier to deal with.
  • 15:45: here's where I get lucky. I misjudge my approach to the warpstone flamer that's in front of me and I get hit by it. Not a problem, except for the fact that it's pushing me back outside, and I already have too much to deal with. I kill it and I hear the leech teleporting behind me. Thanks to the rock's configuration, and the fact that I'm moving all the time, it misses.
  • At 15:55 I try to push forward to revive. I grab a bomb, and I aggro a chaos warrior. I don't have the time or space to deal with a chaos warrior, so I toss a bomb at him, but miss. Meanwhile, the leech is still trying to grab me, and the blightstormer (still not dead) decides to teleport in front of me. I finally kill the son of a bitch with a quick flame burst, while the warrior is right on my tail.
  • At 16:10, note how I've used the terrain to slow them down a bit, and then I go fully defensive, just dodging and blocking. Why? Because these guys will only kill me if I let them, but they're a great distraction for the leech to grab me. Since I see that I can't kill the leech with so many bastards around, I use my ultimate for some space, and risk it to revive Caronte, just as the horn that announces a new horde sounds.
  • From this point, I try to ress the elf, but there are too many enemies around us (and some that will insta-guard break me), so I need to remove the chaos warriors and brutes from the equation. The clutch ends at 16:58 when both of the other human players are up, and we're handling the horde to be able to continue the run (which we later on finish with success). I even mention, right there, that "I daresay this is the best clutch I've pulled off in my life".
So there you have it folks, I hope this was at least useful or entertaining for you.
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