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[Vermintide II] Now with extra Chaos


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Listen to him, for he is wise.

And remember: it ain't over until it is over. Don't quit a mission before everyone is dead. You never know if someone will pull of a clutch.


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Rise from the dead, thread!

So, the closed beta/internal testing for Winds of Magic starts tomorrow, and fortunately I got a key, so I'll try to stream some of it while we're allowed to do so (until the 18th, but I won't be home this weekend)... Still, that's not the biggest news. This is the biggest news:


They've gone and done it, the madmen.

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Watched some streams of play in the beta, and it looks pretty cool.
There's a lot of feedback coming on the changes to combat, so it'll be interesting to see what the final version does. The game could have some shifts even before next Tuesday and the end of this publicly shareable beta.

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This is gonna take a lot of getting used to as a Waystalker main, now that I can't regen ammunition.

So far, I've mainly just gone with Elf and Salty. The 'shoot two arrows' talent for Kerillian seems rather useless, if only for the fact that it's surprisingly difficult to finish all required animations and switch weapons after a kill fast enough to get the proc off.

Meanwhile, the buffs to the Witch Hunter Captain's special are great, and the Billhook is loads of fun.


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I played a long beta session yesterday:


As well as a short one today:


I give most of my impressions in those two videos, but so far, I'm liking the changes, and the added challenge from Legend (haven't tested cataclysm yet). I do feel that the dodge nerfs are overtuned (just by a little) and that stagger damage should be reduced a little, and normal health by that same amount (about 20%, maybe). Weaves are cool, but having a separate progression system from the base game is a bit disappointing.
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