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Via AOL chat -- 3E D&D -- DM -- Seeking players


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Play Location/Method: in a private AOL chat room

Game/System: 3E D&D (Please note: I have not yet gotten the 3.5 revised ruleset as of this posting)

Player or GM?: I am the DM.

Time/Frequency: Sessions are held on Saturday afternoon/evenings, usually from 3 pm to 9/9:30 pm Eastern
Standard Time (adjust for your local time zone), on a 3:1 basis -- 3 consecutive weekends on, 1 weekend off.

Genre: high fantasy.

Current needs: I'm seeking two or three additional players who would, ideally, be regular players in a long-term campaign. By long term, probably at least two years in length. FYI, the campaign has already started about a month ago and we just completed our fifth session today (August 23).

Accept Drop-In Players?: No

Accept Spectators: Yes, but I prefer that the spectator or observer contact me first by either IM or e-mail.

Short description of the setting/campaign: The setting is an original campaign world that I created in the early 1990s. Some source material has been taken from a variety of sources, particularly the world of The Wheel of Time, the Conan novels, the Elric novels and the novels of Fritz Leiber (Lankhmar/Newhon/Fafhrd). There is a great deal of emphasis on character development, both in terms of role-playing and also over the long term. The campaign is of the "epic-quest/save the world" category. No experience with the source material quoted above is required.
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