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[Video Review and Essays] Web Reviews VII: The Youtube Awakens

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So there's the original. I noticed a few recommendations with similar pictures stating that EC had gone off the rails.

Ah, the Youtube recommendation algorithm.
Huh, I haven't got any similar recommendation, but I've been off EC ever since the James revelation.
Still getting EC and EH in recommendations through.


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For the Contrapoints fans here, this is a video of Contrapoints styling a wig with drag queen Jaymes Mansfield, which is mostly just a excuse for a conversational interview about a lot of behind the scenes stuff to her videos:


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I'm a few days behind on this, but nobody else has shared it and I'm sure it's relevant to some interests:

Anyway, the most recent thing that Nella has explained is the canon tangential Book of Tobit. Enjoy.


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Red Bard takes a look at one of the burning questions surrounding Neon Genesis Evangelion: Is it now possible to live entirely off of Evangelion Merchandise?


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Innuendo Studios has a new "Who Shot Guybrush Threepwood?" instalment, discussing the nature of genre (and also the natures of qualia, sandwiches, cars, and Socrates):


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Animalogic's latest episode depicts the high-speed frogfish. Be wary of images of fish being swallowed alive, and a few shots at the end of modern fishing practices.

Scott the Woz relays the five games he would want with him if stuck on a desert island.

Kings and Generals episode on the battle of White Mountain from the Thirty Years War.


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Thanks for that. I wasn't familiar with that history. EC isn't a series that is on my radar that much.
No problem. That was one that really hit me hard. One of these days we're going to be able to like stuff without doing a three step deep google search about creators histories, but today is not that day...

Seriously I saw a video the other day that caught my interest, and the name of the creator was familiar but I couldn't remember where from, so I had to spend longer than the length of the video searching for them to make sure they weren't mired in controversy before I was satisfied I could watch with a free conscience...


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Half the battle begins summer with a short video on a really good toy from near the beginning of GI Joe.

So what do you folks, think? Vehicle or playset?
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