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[Video Review and Essays] Web Reviews VII: The Youtube Awakens

Coyote's Own

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Since it probably going to find it's way to this thread Jim Sterling talks about the latest episode of scapegoating videogame fro mass shootings:


Count Dorku

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The first follow-up to the Boss Designs of Dark Souls I is out, taking a look at Darkstalker Kaathe and the moral implications of him giving you a magic vampire hand:


Isator Levie

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Phelous dips back into the subject of horror movies, albeit with an uncommonly positive review, for Happy Death Day.

Legal Eagle breaks down the practical and legal ramifications of attempting to storm Area 51.

Dominic Noble looking at The Andromeda Strain.

Rental Reviews has a discussion on the Steven Spielberg film Duel.


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Tbelle takes a look at Polynesian history and cultural appropriation when she begins a visit to Disney's Tiki Room:



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Terrible Writing advice has some things to day about how to rush your pantheon out the door.

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