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[Video Review and Essays] Web Reviews VII: The Youtube Awakens


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Please enjoy what is explicitly NOT somebody's published Reylo fanfic. That is just crazy talk.


Isator Levie

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Hamish Black takes a look at Devil May Cry 5:
Oh, that reminds me; I haven't watched the Sphere Hunter's review of Devil May Cry 5 myself yet, but it is a thing.

Also, the LegalEagle put out a video analysing Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress.

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Mark Brown has another Boss Keys installment, this time talking about the world design of Metroid Prime:



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I wonder if Clive Barker's Jericho has enough of a story for Matt to do.
Noah Caldwell-Gervais has already done a pretty deep retrospective on both of Clive Barker's games a couple of years ago, and while he's more interested in the ways Jericho failed rather than what caused it to fail, he does go into that a bit as well.
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