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[Video Review and Essays] Web Reviews VII: The Youtube Awakens

Count Dorku

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TB Skyen returns to the world of Lordran, to look at a creepy undead boy:

(Warning: The new intro contains a few seconds' footage of Quelaag's upper torso from her introductory cutscene, so while there are no nipples visible or anything, I'm not sure how safe it would be for work; the intro lasts about 45 seconds, so skip to that if you want to play it safe.)


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Not seen anything by this channel before, but it was linked by Lyndsey Ellis on twitter: An examination of Stochastic Terrorism through the PewDiePie and online culture in the wake of the Christchurch Shootings



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So, were you ever curious how long Batman would go to jail for his actions in the Dark Knight? Let the Legal Eagle help you with that.


Isator Levie

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Here's Natalie Wynn's latest, dealing with the subject of TERFs, and also elucidating on some of her more intimate personal experiences.

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