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[Video Review and Essays] Web Reviews VII: The Youtube Awakens


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Half the Battle lists out what he considers to be the five greatest GI Joe comic story arcs.

And overall, I agree with his choices.

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TB Skyen continues his journey into DLC in "The Boss Designs of Dark Souls", in which he makes some friends, meets a scaly boy, and concludes that Abyssal corruption has turned the population of Oolacile into weebs! (As ever, skip the 40-second intro if that cutscene footage with the close-up on Quelaag's rack is a bit much for your workplace.)


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This is the point where mention I defeated him without Hawkeye Gough.
Took me three days, but I did it

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Right, got quite a number to relay...

I've never tested it before, but they're probably more than can fit in one post. I'll break it up a bit.

A video essay on the history of the Dragon Age series

Lost in Adaptation covering The Thing

Arlo's analysis on the new Animal Crossing game, and why it's won him over

The latest Wha Happun episode, on the video game Haze
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