IC Voyages of the "Blue Rosie" (Blue Rose AGE)


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"I'm not going to call the plan," Ruri said. "Do we fight now before all the prisoners are taken away, or after and then hope the fight ends quickly and we can find them afterwards? That's the question."


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The crow mused for a moment, as he tried to formulate a plan.
<<I have a plan that might be the best of both worlds,>> Angus psychically told his friends and allies. <<The guards switch back and forth, meaning there are only ever one guard grabbing children at a time. If we can cause enough of a commotion, we can draw one set of guards over here, ambush them with the falling door and steal the key to free the kids. Then when the next set of guards come to get the keys, we can ambush them.>>

Seeing that the guards were inspecting another cell, he turned to the children.
"Okay kids, Uncle Angus has a cunning plan: we're going to trick the bad men to come over here. My friends will knock them out and then we'll work on freeing everyone so that they don't have to be in this scary place anymore."

<<Get ready everyone, especially you Pira for shattering that door on the guards. Since the guards are expecting compliant kids, I'm going to ask them to scream and cry their hearts out.>>

"Kids, can you do something to help?" Angus asked. "Can you scream and cry as loudly as possible? Even roll around the ground, holding your heads or stomach?"


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OOC: This is part 2, Arvini and Johan, then I’ll return to Angus and Pira.

(Sorry for the clumsy info dumping. I’m trying to speed up the pace a bit, and giving more info since I’ve been posting less frequently.)

Location: Within Church of Gaelenir, currently in main prayer center room

Arvini, Warrior
OOC: Willpower Roll of 13. If that's not enough I'll spend a Conviction Point.
Spoiler: Show
It is enough.

Arvini’s head felt like it was swirling for a brief moment as things got blurry, but she shook her head and caught her grip on reality as her eyes re-focused. Good thing for strong mental determination!

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that the older guard frowned once more as she became lucid and turned to address and confront the strange priest once more.

The so-called “Father Caprise” had a mild look of surprise or disappointment as Arvini’s eyesight came back into focus, but then he strangely smirked at her as she spoke to him.
Arvini puts her hand to her sword.

"Okay, just what was that all about? You're really not doing a good job of convincing me you've got nothing to hide!"
Father Caprise strangely did not look angry, but more...amused and relieved? His voice was somewhat strange as he spoke to her softly only to Arvini, his eyes starting intently at her own. “What if... we wanted to be found out?”

Arvini then heard his voice in her head again as he psychically communicated with her again. <<Who said we fey wanted to hide this? We have orders from the higher ups here, whose organizations I shall not name here. Sorry, but we are forced to follow a contract. A pact, you could say. >> His eyes flickered briefly at the older guard and a handful of guards nearby, and at some specific members of the acolyte groups sitting on a pew closest to the library door, with prayer books in hand...

His priest form spoke aloud to the crowd and guards, trying to act like nothing is out of the ordinary. “What was what? Does anyone seen anything the matter?”

The crowd shook their heads and some said, “No, we don’t, Father.”

“Then we should continue on with our churchly duties. I will help our friends understand our mission here.” He then snapped his fingers causing the crowd of the enchanted acolytes to dispersed and scattered about the room. The members all went about normal church activities such as praying and lighting candles and incense, reading prayer books while sitting on the pews, placing offerings onto the Sea God’s long altar table, doing rituals with blessing the water from the Sea God’s fountain pool, and so on.

Father Caprise quickly went on a prepared spiel about the church’s worship and mission and reassurance on the church’s experience and trustworthiness.

Though the priest looked like the normal disguise she saw before, she could start to see the fey image faintly coming through in her mind. The strange fey priest continued. <<One of our younglings did something stupid: falling in love with a non-fey, and then unwittingly fell into a trap of a contract to help the criminal family hearth of the loved one. Help them or else our own water fey kind, and our cousins, the merfolk, will all be taken or hunted.

So, I apologize. I must follow aforementioned contract and try to stop your friend right now... Nothing personal, but it’s vital that I look like I’m following the commands.>>

This mental communication went by in Arvini’s mind in a flash, and Arvini then saw the guards trying to give chase after Johan, who had just started trying to force open the library door’s handle...

Johan, Adept

Johan Darche

Johan stares daggers at the priest trying to look all sweet and fatherly. This was his fault somehow. Johan had a feeling, but he just couldn't prove it.

"Hmmm, well everything seems ship shape I guess. But before we leave mind if I check the Library? Don't worry, I'll just let my self in." Johan storms over to the library door and starts to open it before anyone can raise an objection. All the while he carefully weaves his psychic arcana around him like a web, ready to trap anyone who tries to stop him.

OOC: Willpower Roll: 3d6+3 = 14
Since Arvini passed with a 13 I'm guessing this passes too.

Johan is going to try to barge into the library, but ready his hold person arcana to restrain the priest if he tries anything funny.
Intelligence(Shaping) vs Defense: 3d6+5 = 17
Intelligence(Shaping) vs Strength(Might) = 23!
Fatigue Test: 3d6+3 = 12
Triple six! The number of the beast! And that generates 6 stunt points which I will use on Effortless Arcana to ignore the fatigue test.
Johan was too preoccupied with his mission of opening that library door to notice some of the subtle changes Arvini had noticed.

He was still prepared for somebody or somebodies to give chase as he tries to open the library door, of course.

Johan could practically feel his arcane senses tingling as the priest’s guards charged after him...

Spoiler: Show

“Anchor” guard: 3d6+3= 15, no success. Is held by the spell.

Trying to resist Johan’s Hold Person Arcana: 3d6+3 15

Older guard: 3d6+4=15, also a failure and is held back by the spell as well.

Regular guards (mooks): 3d6+1=10, not a success either.

Johan’s on fire lately, lol! :D

Trying to resist Johan’s Hold Person spell: 3d6+1 10

Johan felt a surge of magic energy as his carefully prepared arcane webs caught their unsuspecting prey, tangling the guards within the translucent arcana tendrils.

Anchor/Alram was the first to try and reach Johan, but the younger man’s body and spear were caught up in the webs, causing the younger man to be stiffly stuck in his position.

The priest’s personal older guard found himself stuck in the arcane web right after, his arms held up in the air, the weapon hanging precariously from an opened palm.

There were about six or seven other guards, but Johan’s strong spell easily entangled them in a split second. Johan felt these guys may be somewhat weaker.

Wait, something was strange about a couple of those guards. He could have sworn one of the guards’ feet were hovering in the air for a moment.

He also saw

He must have been affected by another mind spell, surely?

Or was that his arcana sight briefly showing the true forms of of about three of the guards? He could have sworn that he saw translucent finned wings. Like faeries, though more like “flying fish” faeries.

And, Anchor. He was a young Sea Person, sure, but he had finned elfin ears and a lower body of a fish, like a mermaid. (Well, merman in this case. Johan always felt there was something weird about Anchor, who was sometimes sickly as a young toddler.)

These very brief visions faded from his arcane sight as the guards’ initial surprise wore off, though they were still stuck as held in place by Johan’s Arcana like frozen puppets.

In the meantime, Johan’s hand managed to twist the library’s door handle and jerk the door open with a hard tug. That door was much too hard to open. Someone tried to create an locking arcana upon it.

And Johan’s arcane senses told him that there was a purple and black Sorcery spell somewhere inside past the doorway.

His regular view from the doorway did show him large room with multiple floors covered in bookshelves and many, many books. The bookshelves seemed to almost form a labyrinth maze, it was so much books.

There were a few pedestals where books could be placed onto for reading purposes, and some reading benches.

Arcane glow lights within sconce shells gave the room a light blue hue.

Now, if Johan was a secret entrance, where would he be?


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Arvini follows Johan through the door, then barricades it to make it difficult for the guards to follow.

"Okay, there's some fae bound to a contract with some criminals." She explains.
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