[VtM] Convention of Thorns LARP


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This looks awesome. A LARP playing out an alternate version of the Convention of Thorns (the meeting that ended with the founding of the Camarilla more or less) in a actual castle where you can rent historical clothes. A bunch of desperate elders all with their own agendas and goals.

The tickets where just released a couple of hours ago. I just got my own ticket (Through one of the sweetest stories ever*) I'm so looking forwards to this. Anybody else going?

* I was told about this about a week ago but just shrugged because it sounded like one of the coolest larps ever but no way I could afford it. Later during the week I mentioned it to my girlfriend, just as a "Isn't this cool" thing but I must have had longing in my voice because she just asked if I really wanted to go and when I said yes she asked how much it would cost and after checking she offered to pay. Her economy is much better then mine (I'm on disability pension so not actually a hard feat) and I could never ask for something like this (because that would feel like I was using her as a piggy bank) and I would never mention something like this in the hopes of her offering to pay because that would be even worse. Only way it could have ended like this was because I mentioned it without the thought of her paying even crossing my mind.


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All sold out now...I missed out. Sounds awesome.

I've run the Convention of Thorns myself a couple of times. Players were signature characters from the books, including Hardestadt, de Corazon, Karsh, Mistress Fanchon, Vykos, etc.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing how his one goes.



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Too, bad. No one except me at my local VtM larp could afford a ticket and I'm hoping that at least some rpg.netters will show up so there will at least be some people I feel that I know or at least trust (this is a safe place on the web for me). Because seriously this will be the first time in almost 20 years that I will travel outside Sweden and the first time I do it alone so yeah kinda scary. Still looking forward to it though.


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A couple of people I know are going (from the UK), should I find out if they're registered here and ask them to reach out, if so?


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