[VtM] Does the Giovanni clan have the dumbest name? Do you use the Giovanni as is or change their name?


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I'm running a 5e VtM game set in the 17th century, and would like to include the Necromancers as part of the political landscape but the name has always bothered me. It just sounds terrible. I'm looking for an alternative, maybe name them after an infamous noble family like the Borgia, the Medici, or Sforza.

The political landscape in the game I'm running has been heavily influenced by my players, and one of them pushed for a Cappadocian primogen/regent, which naturally leads in my mind to the idea that the Giovanni would be trying to eliminate/supplant the Cappadocians in the city, only the name Giovanni hurts my brain. I'm pretty sure my players don't care either way.

So do you use the Giovanni as is, or do you change their name? I vaguely remember that they had various mortal bloodlines that they recruited from who didn't have the surname Giovanni, they might have even had a Revenant family in oWoD, I don't remember.

EDIT I'm somewhat tempted to come up with nicknames for each of the clans (or get my players to do it), and use those instead of the standard clan names. I recently played in a VtM 5e Tokyo game where the ST translated each of the clan names into Japanese and I found it confusing at first and then very evocative.


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In VtM Revised, my surname (Milliner) is listed as one of the suggested New England surnames for the clan. I never see my name anywhere (except for an episode of Bones with my first and last name....that was weird). I'd be tempted to switch to that, but only for the novelty. In reality, I'd probably stick with Giovanni.

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In a race with Brujah, Lasombra and Nosferatu I would say the Giovanni are far from the worst name that VtM clans got stuck with.

Or Ventrue (Clan Bulbous, really? Yes, yes medieval, success, fat cat, yadda, yadda; still dumb)
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