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Wanted: Paranoia Players

Mike Lemmer

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Sadistic/masochistic Paranoia players that love backstabbing and treachery and wouldn't mind being crushed, smashed, zapped, and tossed into other dimensions for amusement of other players and GM.
Up to 9 positions open in 2 games. Breakdown of open positions follows:

Veteran UV High Programmer PMAvers
When: Every Friday from 8-12 PM EST.
Where: IRC channel #auspexstudios on DALnet.
Starts: This Friday
Version Used: Paranoia 5th Ed.
Mission types: Premade
Positions Available: 2-3

Novice UV High Programmer MikeLemmer
When: Every Saturday from 3-6 PM EST.
Where: IRC channel #auspexstudios on DALnet.
Starts: The Friday after this week
Version Used: Paranoia 2nd, soon will convert to Paranoia O (under construction)
Mission types: Handmade
Positions Available: 4-6

No experience necessary. Instructions provided upon request. To apply, reply to this thread. Please specify which game you want to participate in.


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Veteran? *snicker*

Uh, anyway...

I'm going to bump this, to see if anyone's interested. I've still got two or three slots open, just *waiting* for players. ;-)

E-mail me at PMAvers@mac.com if you're interested, and I'll wing a character sheet out to you.
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