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WANTED: Writer for hard sci-fi/horror adventure


Tab Creations
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Tab Creations, publisher of Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures and Against the Dark Yogi is looking for a writer for a 5,000 word adventure in our Shadows Over Sol line. This is a hard sci-fi game set in our own solar system with horror themes. If you've read or seen The Expanse, think something along those lines.

The adventure is to be a survival horror scenario which involves escaping from a space station that has become infected with a rabies-like biological agent. We have a rough outline.

Pay is $200 - about $0.04 a word. Payment is on acceptance of the writing. You would also receive a copy of the adventure once it's published. If you are interested or would like further details either PM me or email me at thorin { at } tabcreations [dot] com. If you are interested, please include your previous writing experience, as well as a short example of your writing (ideally 2000 words or less).
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