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WANTED: Writer for pulp action/alernate history adventure


Tab Creations
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Tab Creations, publisher of Dime Adventures, Shadows Over Sol and Against the Dark Yogi is looking for a writer for a 5,000 word adventure in our Dime Adventures line. This is set in an alternate history version of 1904 with pulp action themes.

The adventure is to take inspiration from The Most Dangerous Game, with the heroes captured by a pulp villain at the outset and subsequently hunted.

Pay is $175 - about $0.035 a word. Payment is on acceptance of the writing. You would also receive a copy of the adventure once it's published. If you are interested or would like further details either PM me or email me at thorin { at } tabcreations [dot] com. If you are interested, please include a resume of previous writing experience, as well as a short example of your writing (ideally 2000 words or less).
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