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Wanted Writers for Superhero Genera


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Hello my name Johanthan Turner, I'm one of the creative minds behind the upcoming Altered Universe rpg. We are currently searching for writers specifically those who are creative and well versed in the superhero genera. With an above average understanding of the English (American) language and the ability to convey action, drama, and emotion within your writing. Here what we need:

1.) A series of short action pack stories in the traditional full 4 colored superhero genera style with a word count of 1,500.

2.) Those who are able to take a general outline and direction that we desire to go in for both a world and universe history with a word count of 5,000.

This is work for hire. Pay begins at 4 cents per word with the promise of multiply future assignments.
Interested parties should send a sample of their work with a minimal of three pages and a maximum of 5 pages and a short bio to me at:

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