Warframe Discussion Thread #5: We All Lift Together


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I’m bad at fighting corpus, and I’ve barely squeaked through the first couple of nodes.
Hard to say without seeing how you fight, but :
- Corpus often is a DPS check. They have many light units with high firepower, so if you can kill them quick you're fine. So, have an appropriate loadout.
- No-aiming weapons like the Ignis, the Atomos, the Amprex (that one's high MR) are great to clear the clutter such as ospreys and rattels, esp. with your controller issue. Ditto for multi-forma pets.
- The giant red guys (Corpus Tech) have a *lot* of firepower. A few of them can cut down even a high-end frame.
- It's the worst faction to melee against.
- Prioritise the bright yellow dudes, before they can summon rattels.
- Their best units such as Nullifiers, Comba, Bursa... all require specific tactics, unless you tots outpower them.
- The Corpus units in the Vallis are even worse, both in terms of power and in terms of special heavy units.


I didn't mind the Focus acquisition. Focus on Zenurik at first (one lens for your main frame, one for your main weapon). Once you have the first level of energising wave, you have *the* big thing. The rest is just free cool stuff that accumulates as you play.

What little "farming" I did for Focus :
- Dark Sector survival missions as a melee frame with the Naramon school active (for, essentially, a free Affinity booster from Affinity Spike). It's also a good source of credits and a low-stress way to level a frame (or relevel a forma'd one).
- Sanctuary Onslaught runs (as a max-Range Saryn with a Zenurik lens slapped on). This one is more stressful, but it's a lot of Affinity and you get Khora parts.

Grouping for high-Affinity missions is more efficient, but these tend to be further away in the star chart.
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Dark secret of the Corpus: they're generally pretty bad shots. However, warframe is like a lot of games in that NPC accuracy is affected, very strongly, by player motion. Strafe. Jump and aim-glide. Run around. What ever you do, don't stand still. Your "tank" will get a lot better if it's not being hit as much.

Also, if you have access to a Dojo, get Torid or Acrid from the bio lab. Both, by default, are pure toxin damage so when you're fighting corpus you're ignoring their shields entirely. Acrid is a pistol, so that and a big shotgun for swatting Ospreys is a good setup.


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Finally got the oculysts to spawn on Uranus, which quickly led to The Second Dream and Neptune. That was a good time. Neptune… isn’t. I’m bad at fighting corpus, and I’ve barely squeaked through the first couple of nodes. Ugh.

So, back to some lower-level stuff, I think. Maybe build and level Nyx? I started The Sands of Inaros for a change of pace, but farming juggernauts is proving a bit of a challenge, and the final boss fight sounds kind of intense.

Leveling up the new {spoiler} powers also seems like it’s going to be a slog. (Presumably, acquiring focus speeds up some in higher level content.)
The Corpus as you level up tend to be a challenge. But once you get the hang of it and the right gear they aren't that bad. It maybe as simple as needing to level up your mods. That was always my problem.

The other one is to make sure your builds are solid.

Go for toxin and gas as a general rule when possible. That helps with the corpus.
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