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Warframe Discussion Thread #6: You Can't Spell 'Very Bad Call' Without Alad V


Emo Dad
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The C rotation for infested salvage drops parts for Nidus, I think. Once you know what you're doing, it's not hard, and there's often someone else there, farming Nidus.


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Would anyone be willing to help me clear a few more spots on the starmap? I'm down to 5:

- The Ropalolyst. I have no idea how this fight works and it scares me.
Ropey's a wimp compared to every other Sentient boss fight. If you own Titania, mod her exalted weapon for Radiation. Doing that and bringing any AMP except the Mote makes the fight pretty damn simple:

Take cover behind one of the three generators to force the boss to damage it.
Blast the boss's shielding off with Void damage.
Someone jumps at the boss and interacts with it to force it to smash into the damaged generator and blow itself up.
Destroy one of the armored nodes on the boss's back.
Activate console on center platform.
Repeat 3 times.

Just remember that the Ropalolyst and its Sentient backup hit stupidly hard when their attacks do connect.


Emo Dad
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Also, if the Ropalolyst grabs you, you can switch to spoiler mode and take cover until it grabs your warframe.

I tried seeing if you can AFK your way through 20 rounds of defense, just letting your sentinel kill everything. Unfortunately, it looks like the sentinel will stop firing if you're AFK for long enough. What I did discover, is that on Tessera (on Venus), if you get the cryopod on the platform, Wisp's shock reservoir has enough range that if you position yourself correctly, will (eventually) kill everyone who gets within firing range of the cryopod. It worked fine until round 18, when nullifiers showed up. Killing them reactivated Helios, which made the last couple of waves faster.
And to top it off, I didn't get a reward for the first 5 rounds, due to inactivity.


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It's a great solo spot for Octavia, as it happens. The usual recommendation is to do it all whilst invisible, but I've found that it's not necessary as long as, as Riri once observed, that you please don't stop the music.
Incidentally also one of the few modes left where Ember works extremely well.

Coyote's Own

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Yesterday I finally managed to get the Valkyr Prime System to drop... to discover I needed 6000 more Polymer to build it.
After getting abou 1600 of 20 minute Uranus Surivival (Pliferoid) gave about 1500, I decide I really didn;t feel like grinding that day.


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The Vallis is good for polymer too.
(Don't forget to use a farming frame like Nekros, Hydroid or Khora, plus a lootcat and a booster)
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