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[Wargame Making] A quick melee combat system?


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I've been battling with this for awhile, I'm working on (well modifying) a current rules system for mass battles, trying to improve on the current melee combat system.

So far units have a 'Melee' value to show how good they are at, well melee. When in close combat both players roll D6 or 2D6 and add the melee score to the result, highest value wins, lowest removes the model from the field, a tie results in both having to remove a model.

If multiple units attack a single target you roll off the highest melee value, +1 for every unit outnumbering the enemy.

In practice this seems quite slow when you even have something like 10 aside in a combat. I'd like to keep the solid 'melee' value but maybe have a faster way or resolving large combats?


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Have you looked at some of the smaller scale rules systems like Warmaster? They're all about large numbers of mass melee combats.

Units have a number of 'hits', over the course of a turn as damage accumulates if the unit takes a number of damage equal to or greater than their 'hits' they remove a stand, units have differing numbers of stands but usually 3. Discard all remaining damage at the end of a turn.

Units have a number of attacks (plus bonuses for charging and penalties for being flanked). They roll 1d6 per attack, results of 4+ are damage to an enemy.

Enemy potentially has a save (5/6+ most commonly).

Combat resolution is to remove any casualties caused by damage then sum up the number of hits scored by each side, add in any situational bonuses (like friendly units supporting you) and the side with the highest score wins. Loser is driven back based on the difference in score. Winner can choose to follow up, reform, etc.


Kings of War is also pretty quick for mass combat. Units (not individual models) have attacks and melee scores. Target has an armour and a nerve score. Attacker rolls dice equal to their attacks needing to rolls equal to or greater than their melee score to hit. Any hits are rolled again vs the armour of the target, any successes are damage added to the target.

Only one player rolls dice during any given player turn. Units only attack during their own player turn, not during the enemy player turn.

At the end of the turn roll 2d6+current damage for any unit that took damage that turn. Equal or exceed the units nerve to remove them from the table (or make them shaken)


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What is slow? The attrition rate when you have say 12 models and only losing one per round?

If so you could lose one model for every point you lose by. If this is too deadly then have that number be, eg, every three points you lose by you lose an extra model.
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