[Warhammer] Age of Sigmar RPG news from Cubicle 7!

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Nice! Although I half wondered how these would look as dating profiles for some reason :p

Maybe because of the fiction I've read, I'd be curious to see how Death characters might work themselves into the part.

"Steve was a beaucratic necromancer overseeing work in Shyish. Getting a little bored (as mortals do), he decided to apply for a transfer. Now he's fighting against the forces of Chaos, and attempting to remind those darn Sigmarans that you can't call yourself forces of Order if you're violating a basic law of Order yourself... the progression from Life to Death. All Hail Nagash."


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Interesting! I've been all about the aesthetic of Age of Sigmar for awhile now, but I've been turned off the setting by the lack of information on the daily lives of the inhabitants. If this RPG has more of that information, consider me enthusiastically on board!


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That’s some badass art. Also a classic archetype from warhammer history.

Will the Ur-Gold runes be mechanically useful? I’m kinda picturing the way tattoos work for dragon monks in L5R...

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Folx, please put big images in spoiler blocks.
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