[Warhammer] Age of Sigmar RPG news from Cubicle 7!


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This all looks super awesome. I've been following the lore of Age of Sigmar for a while, and have really loved what they've done with the new factions (soul-stealing atlantean elves, dwarves living in sky cities, lizardmen as celestial "demons of order", oh my...). However, not having the time to paint up several dozen figures for each, I haven't really being able to engage with the setting - incredibly enthusiastic to hear they're bringing out an RPG!


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It's good they're talking about potential scenarios and campaign focuses, since that's one of the biggest questions about games with broad settings (and certainly one I've had about this game for a while. What do the PCs do?).

Also, that might be the cheeriest looking Sylvaneth I've seen so far.


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I like that. Kind of like a Druid D&D archetype but the combat prowess comes from themselves rather than getting an aggressive swarm of bears to do the work.

As for missions and what the PCs do...yeah competing factions within the same alliance was what I’d guessed. Would love to see some of the political machinations going on.

Plus the Hanmerhal Herald is a fun window into the setting showing us what’s going on in a populace city and whose interests get tended to, who runs stuff, what government there is etc.
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