Warhammer Fantasy spells conversion


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So, I made a thread a week or so ago asking whether anyone had converted the WFRP color magic spells over to D&D-style mechanics, and didn't get any response, so I assumed that no one had.

Well, I'm working on it now.

It's currently about 35% done: all the petty and lesser magic, and the Lores of Beasts, Death, Fire, and the Heavens, not counting spells from the Etceteronomicon. I'm curious mostly if anyone sees any glaring errors or problems, or has another other comments. :)

It's statted up for the Wayfarers RPG, but I included some conversion notes on the first page in case people want to ignore the conversion of the free-casting-with-consequences WFRP-style magic I wrote and use Vancian casting.
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