[Warmahordes] Low-sodium discussion thread


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Actually, looking at that? Might I suggest you spin that off into a thread of its own? You'll get a TON of great feedback whereas here you're kind of limited in audience.


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Actually, looking at that? Might I suggest you spin that off into a thread of its own? You'll get a TON of great feedback whereas here you're kind of limited in audience.
Good plan. Now to fish out and start assembling my Retribution army so it will be ready to paint when it warms up.


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I'm interested, but really can't stand watching videos. Do they put transcripts up?
Nope. And I agree - videos suck! But, since its a live-stream its probably easiest for folks at the time.

My brother tried out the Amazon transcription service once, and we saw the results. It was an annoying mess. So, no easy way to deal with it :/


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Hour 1:
Quick recap of last week.
  • All Infernal Masters will have Inscrutable, which disallows them from being Influenced/controlled.
  • Agathon is the spell-slinger.
  • Omodamos is the most combat focused Master. Possibly the easiest.
  • Zataroth is the control/support. Possibly the hardest to learn/use. Supposedly the most powerful in lore.
  • Master models were scaled back in size due to costs and other concerns, but are on a large base and are relatively tall.
Reiteration: Horrors are weaker than comparable warjacks and warbeasts. This is part of the balancing for them since they can be summoned.
  • Soul Stalker sends souls to Masters.
  • Tormentor is the "tankiest" Horror.
  • Desolator does sprays, and it spray corrodes (-2 ARM debuff on hit, so its POW 10 is actually POW 12).
  • Commented that summoned Horrors might be comparable to spells. Notes that Horrors have a lot of Magical attacks. Incoporeal units ought have fun.
  • Lamenter is a combat/support light. Devs are concerned about Soul Parasite as a debuff.
  • The Shrieker is more for clearing out infantry and low ARM units.
  • The Foreboder is a summonable arc-node pretty much.
  • Cultist Band are your grunts. They can heal and give essence to Horrors. You can also sacrifice them. They can replinish their numbers, and have Gang.
  • Lord Adept Quintus Faustus is a character command attachment. Got called "evil Ghandalf."
  • Dark Sentinel is a weapon attachment.
  • Griever Swarm are ranged and sorta scary. Harassment unit. Has a number of nice abilities including CRA.
  • Howlers are the Gatorman Posse type (big nasty melee), and have Grevious Wounds. Do have Bezerk, so be careful on positioning.
  • Lord Roget d'Vyaros is a character solo attachment for your Infernal master.
  • Master Theurgist Gideon Asher is another character solo attachment for Infernal masters.
Screenshots here: https://samonmaui.com/2019/03/06/warmachine-infernals-cid-livestream/


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Thanks for the summary!

I’m going to try and get back into the game this year. I don’t think I’ve actually played since... 2016, maybe?

I’d completely forgotten about the campaign book they’re releasing. If that turns out decently, I can probably get a couple of my friends playing.

I’m really tempted to pick up some crucible guard, but I need more models like I need a hole in the head.


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Infernals CID Launch part 2!

Screenshots here: https://samonmaui.com/2019/03/07/warmachine-infernals-cid-livestream-part-2/

Moar solos!
  • Great Princess Regna Gravnoy. She's, like, not an Infernal Master but... almost? She's a "Master Infernalist," so like a Journeyman Warcaster/Lesser Warlock. Can only summon lights/lesser Horrors. Can also just be used as a caster.
  • Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight is a large based solo. Guess he has a horsey! Pretty powerful, they've been testing Long Shadows at 5", but might change it to 3".Long Shadows reduces the range of enemy attacks. His power is also magical (its magic is NOT powered by friendship).
  • The Wretch is a solo, FA3. If you're in its command range you're -2 to damage roles (5CMD at the moment). Kind of scary.
  • Umbral Guardian, FA3 solo. Has an ability called Shadow Guardian which allows them to NOT be deployed at start. Rather, you can bring them in if an ally is going to be hit by a ranged attack. Its a "shield guard from off the table."
  • Infernal Gate is a structure. It collects souls, and if it can't get them? It generates them. It can bring soul-less infantry. Has a Range 12, AOE 4, POW 14 attack, and is boostable. Can also spend Essence on Knowledge of the Damned to reroll.
  • Mordecai, Master of Arms. He's a character the devs are watching because he's quite powerful, support-wise.
    Kezia Brand, the Screaming Night. Combat solo. Very high mobility due to Parry, Pathfinder, Stealth, Acrobatics, and Run & Gun.
Not going to bother with the Theme Forces, sorry folks. I am told Hearts of Darkness Theme Force has been removed from the CID. Its a "hypothetical"/"what if" thematic theme force for Crucible, Cygnar, or Khador armies. They are basically corrupted forces that went over to the Infernals. I suppose Protectorate, Convergence, and Retribution are too divinely focused or inhuman...
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