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[Wayfarers] Revised Wayfarers released by Mongoose in April. Preorders available.


J. T. Swill III
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After much ado, the revised Wayfarers Roleplaying Game is slated for Release by Mongoose Publishing next month:


Wayfarers is a living game, created with old school sensibilities.

The Player's Reference Book and Game Master's Reference Books will be available in April. Gregory Vrill's World of Twylos Campaign Setting will be available in May.


The lazier of two evils
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How many pages are each book? I didn't see it mentioned on Mongoose's site.


J. T. Swill III
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Ah, here you are:

Wayfarers Players Reference Book: 196 pgs.
(Character Creation, General Rules, Spells, Example Characters & Gameplay)

Wayfarers Game Master's Reference Book: 188 pgs.
(Detailed Rules & Mechanics, Magical Items, Resources, Optional Rules, NPC Creation, Creatures)

The World of Twylos Campaign Setting: 132 pgs.
(People, Places and Things. :))
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