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[Wayfarers] The revised Wayfarers Fantasy RPG now available from Mongoose Publishing!


J. T. Swill III
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That is right. The revised Player's Reference Book and the Game Master's Reference Book are now available from Mongoose Publishing!

A preview of the Player's PDF is available here.

Here are just some of the changes you can expect to find in the revised game:

Most creatures have been modified, and new ones have been added.
Weapon damage has changed, weapons have strength requirements.
Many spells have been modified and new ones have been added.
New GM resources.
New skills have replaced a few old ones, and some skills have been modified.
New Optional Skills and Races.
Armor Impedance has been modified, and is directly based upon strength.
Natural Healing has been modified.
Faith magic potions (Ambrosias) have been added. Magic Item creation has been modified. New items added.
Skill and attribute costs have been modified and simplified, character creation is faster.
Characters now begin at skill level 0.
New interior art, and new covers by Leo Lingas!

Wayfarers is a living game designed with old school sensibilities. Our goal is fine Fantasy gaming.

Special thanks to the YOGC community, who made this game what it is.

-Jimmy Swill
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